The Pub Classic Steak & Ale Pie (Beef & Ale Pie)

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Beef and ale pie , tender diced beef cooked in a rich stout gravy. A pub classic topped with golden brown short crust pastry. Packed full of flavour and a few vegetables. Served with creamy mash and peas.

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400 g Diced Beef
2 Sliced Onions
330 ml can of stout
300 ml Strong Beef Stock
40 g Butter
40 g Plain Flour
60 ml of Tomato Puree
1/4 teaspoon Pepper
2 Bay Leafs

Method :
Fry off the onions in the butter in a flame proof oven pot until they are soft.
Add the beef and cook for 5 minutes until brown.
Season with Black Pepper.
Coat the beef with the Flour and mix it up with a wooden spoon.
Make up 300 ml of stock using 3 beef stock cubes.
Add the Ale or Stout and mix it up.
Add the beef stock.
Add the Tomato Puree and 2 Bay Leafs
Cover and cook in the oven at 150 c for 1 hour.
While the beef is cooking prep any veg you want to add to this pot, Carrots , Peas, Mushrooms.
After 1 hour remove the pot from the oven and add the extra veg and mushrooms.
Return to the oven for a further hour.

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Yogi Haughton says:

Dead easy to follow. Thanks

Elizabeth Cochrane says:

But looks amazing 😘

Elizabeth Cochrane says:

Better with puff pastry

Matthew Robinson says:

Making this atm, but in a slow cooker. Dreading doing the pastry

LovingAtlanta says:

🧐🤔@2:18 did you really brush the crumbs from those cubes you were crushing with your hands on to the floor??!!!?? Sooooo that’s why I feel crumbs on the bottom of my feel when I walk around the kitchen with bare feet??!!! MEN!!! 🤨😖😠😤

Daniel Coates says:

‘Nosh for Students’ I love that book 😆

David Maccormack says:

Shite music as per GFY

David Maccormack says:

I'd drop a tab in his drink then step back and obviously observing 😋, field psychology practical,u'd laff yr tits aff wi the results l got ,probably illegal? Fuck it

Claire Wyndham says:

Would this ( unbaked) freeze well?

havingalook2 says:

I suppose the stout took the place of needing Worcester sauce? A dash of Lee & Perrins seems to have been missing???

TheStephenmonroe says:

Looks good but how do you figure a “one pot meal”?

Orzosro says:

Did you really not cut into that on camera!!!!

Harry Bond says:

Horrible video, no commentary, did not even cut the thing open and taste it

Tsc Tempest says:

Top, bottom, or middle shelf?!? It makes a significant difference, in many home ovens! And to top it off, your pie dish is very thick and not very heat responsive – curse your soggy bottom!. Arrrrggggghjh!

floridadreaming says:

Bloody gorgeous . cheers mate

rex guy says:

Yeah…300ml of stock looks like 100-150ml..oven is meant to be 160 then it's 150..and couldn't you just add the other ingredients like carrots earlier on rather than cooking them in a separate saucepan so less to clean up?

Elmo Bolan says:


Apet Lambinicio says:

Ingredients pls!

TommysTechReviews says:

Nicely done. Enjoyed it 🙂

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