VEGAN FRIENDSGIVING! Easy, delicious plant-based Thanksgiving classics

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Woohoo it’s a collaboration! Delicious holiday classics, but make it vegan🌱Check out Coco & Emma’s episodes to complete your feast! #friendsgiving
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Invest in Native Communities:

Coco Shin’s Friendsgiving Episode:
Instagram: @hellococoshin

Emma’s Friendsgiving Episode:
Instagram: @thesimpleenvironmentalist


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Recipes I worked from in today’s episode:
Cranberry Sauce:
Vegan Stuffing:


Rosé & Macaron says:

Well prepared and wonderfully done! Thanks for another awesome sharing! 👌👏🌸

Tsapsuey Channel NYC says:

That’s a very idea for those who wants to avoid animal meat or vegetarian. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

A Girl And Her Cows says:

this looks so good thanks for sharing

My Mommys Joy says:

Thank you for vegan appetizing ideas!! Will definitely try it! Looks really yummy 🙂 Enjoyed the video.

Sean uploaded says:

I would love to go Vegan but when I tried it just didn't agree with me at all. I was so disappointed! there are so many positives to this diet. This looks great!

Maegan and Tyler says:

Love that you mentioned supporting first nations during this holiday! Thank you for addressing the history of this holiday! This whole video made me so hungry 😭😭I'm sure everything tasted as good as it looked!!

Greenlife Yummy says:

awesome recipe
really enjoy watching
thanks for sharing
you have my support

The Silly Kitchen with Sylvia says:

Love the use of lentils!

arghentrock says:

I like these kind of meals because I rarely get to eat them, if ever.

nemodongle drawing 네모동글 says:

I will watch until the end of the video. friend.

Helen Keller Channel says:

Thanks for the interesting video, my friend.
I never tried to make cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries.
I'm sure it must taste better than canned cranberry sauce. I imagine it would taste good if it was poured over the top of something while it was still hot. Or even made into frosting to frost a cake. Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Seasons of Refreshing says:

This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing friend! Let's stay connected!!

SA Creative Crafts says:

Ur cooking method very easy

Flavors and Adventure says:

This menu will help a lot those vegans out there👌hope you visit my channel as well thanks

Lecker Vivers says:

Nice recipe looking delicious
Thanks for sharing
Stay connected
Support my channel 💗💗


Beautiful 🌴

Santana Fekete says:

i’m not vegan but it does look so good to eat. i feel like i might have to try go vegan for a week hehe. also i feel like i never comment on your videos even though i watch every single one😂 but i also love how you insert the history of thanksgiving. it’s so important to know where history started. plus when you too the bread and celery dish out of the oven i had a heart attack because i thought you just grabbed a hot dish without any oven gloves on😂😂also you’re also at 300 subbies yesss!!❤️

Josh Bekier says:

I found this plant based cookbook and its been my go to every time.. Some good thanksgiving dishes in it too.. I'll share the link if someone else cares to try..

Sue's Journal says:

This is awesome.

Anita Belle says:

Delicious! Would love to see more vegan recipes 🙂

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