Caledonian Sleeper NEW TRAIN Classic Room with a dog [CC]

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Apologies for the sniffing. I was getting over Manflu.

If you are not lording it up in the en-suite Deluxe Cabins like most YouTubers and journalists, what’s life like on the new Caledonian Sleeper in the more affordable Classic (NON en-suite) cabin? Dougal the dog and I travel from Scotland to London on the New Caledonian Sleeper train from Inverness, but instead of taking the direct train which takes about 12 hours (too long for my dog) we get the ScotRail train from Inverness to Glasgow, which means we can also enjoy a fab meal at the dog-friendly 13th Note and a game of ball on Glasgow Green.

For more info and fares for the Caledonian Sleeper, please see:

For ScotRail fares and times, please see:

The 13th Note, a great dog-friendly vegetarian and vegan pub cafe restaurant venue in the East End of Glasgow:

Music on this video is as follows:
Gold Bug Island
Lost Time
Lucid Dreamer

All are available to download for free from the YouTube Audio Library in the YouTube Creator Studio.

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(most of this vlog was shot on this camera)

DEAD MOUSE FOR CANON G7X: Micromuff skinny wind muffler (currently unavailable on Amazon)

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MAIN CAMERA: Sony A7Sii – Now discontinued so check out

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LED LIGHT: Neewer dimmable on-camera LED light –



CARBON FIBRE VIDEO TRIPOD: Calumet legs (discontinued) with Manfrotto head. Try this new equivalent –

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GIMBAL (STABILISER): Feiyutech a2000 –
(nb – this is a link to the one-handled version as I have. I would recommend you learn from my mistake and go for the two-handled version as the rig gets very heavy very quickly. The two-handled version is only £20 more – )



ESV Arwyn says:

It was a terrible mistake (as a smoker) to get the Fort William sleeper (the other super-long route). Trapped on platform gasping at Waverley, with no assistance or direction to move my bicycle between trains, lost and disorientated I ended up sat crying on the floor at the end of an unlit guards van, and was then refused service at dining car. I have never sleeper'd again, and those new trains look rubbish – cheap horrible laminates and jingoistic tweed won't last five minutes.

Gerry S.S says:

how do the dog do his/her business on long hours journeys?

Stewart Mac says:

Fresh comments for Caledonian post COVID please?July2020.Thanks.

Stewart Mac says:

Lots of great details!Great vegan Bar in Glasgow +dog friendly stop off!x2 bunk Cabin on Train?Great reasonable Scots Menu!The mans sly sense of humour + nice dog Doogle!Great Vid!W N T L!

Luke Ellard says:

Calll that a breakfast!

Siyans Model railway junction says:

Thanks for recording this. This helps me alot.

Jimmy Johnstone says:

I would pee in the sink rather than walk two carriages in the night. Also, where is the shower for the non en-suite rooms?

Peter Nelson says:

Absolutely brilliant!! Remember you well Andrew. Had the pleasure of working with you.
Will be on the new trains from Eus to FW with my grandson this October.

Disco Reptile says:

Cheers very much for this! We're taking one to London from Glasgow soon. After seeing this I can go ahead and book our tickets.

sweetchildmine08 says:

Excellent review, I understand your logic about saving on hotel fees & travel time but if I get a poor night sleep I’m no good to anyone the next day particularly if I’m travelling. Dougal is fab!

Stephen Wills says:

Yay, finally caught up with this one!

Love the idea of getting a sleeper train, it does seem like a great way to get from A to B.

Thanks for taking the consideration of showing the disabled cabin too, looked like a decent chunk of space for manoeuvring a wheelchair. Liked to plugs and shelf near the bed, great for overnight equipment and the hollow space under the bed would be great for people who need to use a portable hoist 👍.

You had me wondering if the cup was made of plastic or the tea tasted like plastic 🤔🤪☕️.

Cheers, Stephen. 👍👍🚈💺💤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

amtrakharry says:

That was a great video ! Your views were honest .
I have heard a a lot of people say that about the trains riding rough and noisy !!!???
Please Caledonian sleeper get these bugs worked out these trains !!!
Toilets not working, no running water, etc… what were the crews doing in the shops with the trains sitting there all day???

Bryony Anderson says:

We got free coffee and croissants for breakfast on the old Caledonian sleeper to Glasgow.

pxsr rail says:

Bloody hell! When ScotRail had the sleeper, it used to be £60 a bed!!!!!!! No panic: you can still enjoy a ride on the sleeper for Cheap from stations between Edinburgh and Fort William/Aberdeen/Inverness (around £10), if you board at around 4am


Built to a price and performed accordingly.

Some Potato Man says:

Sorry, didn’t hear you, I was focused on the dog.

Dan_VR says:

Nice dog mate just subscribe

Anthony Parker says:

because you had some bad points along your journey you cant compare the new stock and old stock as anything uncomfortable about the journey is down to the aging tracks not the trains

Ryan Hock says:

Ahhh i checked you in on this trip. Dougall is so cute! Try not leave your camera and wallet outside again though Haha

mickd6942 says:

Was right there up to the point you said vegan then i left to find some meat lol

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