NORTH ENGLAND CLASSICS | Soup & Chips/Fries | PLUS Soup Recipe

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A quick daft one to share a great soup recipe and start a discussion about regional foods and meals. ‘Ere up north, north England that is, we love soup & chips. Homemade soup poured over a bowl of chips/fries. Ever had it?

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Those Vegan Guys says:

For those who may ask, scrags are what you might call house clothes, or even pyjamas. Not that we sleep in them mind you. Ooooooo eeeeer missus. 😉 xxx

Vegan Jerry says:

Having this tonight. What is this called by the way?

Simply Sri Lankan Cooking says:

Nice videos thank you for sharing. Look delicious 😋

Carol Langman says:

I made pea and mint soup today its yum but it has to be mint sauce from a jar….never heard of soup over chips but i don't see why not

Cat Woman says:

I'm from northern England and I've never heard of this!

cathleen mcdonagh says:

With the thumb nail I thought it was chips and curry sauce or chips cheese and curry because as that's a thing here. Also chicps cheese and gravy or chips cheese and tomato sauce cheese being melted/gooey but never have I heard of soup and chips. (From Glasgow)

Angie Hissey says:

Yes guys, I make my own soup – much better than tinned!

Vivid Dreams says:

U wonderful pair of nutty buggers !! U make me laugh so much. Chips n soup..who knew!!!! Xxx

Davidzapper says:

Gave thumbs up but What The Hell, I thought chips and gravy was strange enough thanks lol

DennysAt4am says:

It's so nice to wake up & watch y'all like this. Really starts the day on a bright spot. Chilli over home fries or a baked potato is a thing here as well as gumbo over a baked sweet potato. Never heard of soup over fries. Might give it a try. Sounds great for cold weather.

Laura Tippett says:

I'm from Devon….NEVER heard of soup and chips, but I guess the chips just go all soft like the bread would?! I like me chippies nice and crispy so not sure whether that one's for me or not! Love making soup though, my faves are a nice red pepper, and also like making butternut squash with spices. YUM xx

Jewels says:

In Australia, I’ve never heard of soup n chips .. but I recon it would be ok with pea soup 😋

Moira Armstrong says:

Looks like curry sauce on chips

Moira Armstrong says:

Never heard of this in the true North Haha. Might give it a go and it might even catch on in Newcastle

Jessie B says:

Not just the North guys, I live in Australia now but Derby, UK, born n bred….soup n chips (or soup n toast) is a still a staple in my house, ya can't beat it duck! 🙂

Hepzibah Pink says:

One of my fave foods, ever! <3

Rob Ettey says:

Never heard of this but it would be a bit like my thin curry and chips.

John Warner says:

Chips and gravy
Chips and curry sauce
Were late night treats
After the pub
When I was a student
Though I have never had
Chips and soup
So I might try the no oil version of it.

twopot vegan says:

I’ve never thought of putting fries in my soup but I like the concept. I’m going to have to try it!

Melody AndThePussyCats says:

Nom, Nom, Nom

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