5 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas for Monday Through Friday | by Erin Elizabeth

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5 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas for Monday Through Friday
Today we’re creating 5 different breakfast recipes that are anything but boring to get you through the week. We’ll be making: a baked oatmeal recipe, hearty beans on toast, a fresh egg white wrap, a chocolate protein smoothie bowl and avocado pancakes. These breakfasts are all healthier options to get you excited for your first meal of the day. I hope you enjoy these quick and easy breakfast ideas and let me know which you plan to try first!

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Baked Oatmeal: http://byerinelizabeth.co/apple-cinnamon-baked-oatmeal/

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl: http://byerinelizabeth.co/chocolate-protein-smoothie-bowl/

Beans on Toast: http://byerinelizabeth.co/vegetarian-breakfast-ideas-with-bread/

Caprese Egg White Wrap: http://byerinelizabeth.co/vegetarian-breakfast-ideas-with-bread/

Avocado Pancakes: http://byerinelizabeth.co/avocado-pancakes/

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mixing station says:

It is 1st level non veg not a vegetarian option

Safia _ says:

Did you know that egg industries kill male chicks in their first few days of life because they are deemed “useless” for not producing eggs?

Lia Johnson says:

Just what I needed this week! ❤️🙌

Anneliese Beneze says:

The black bean toast blew my mind. Awesome recipes! Cant wait to give them a try

Nadya Ivanova says:

All recipes look so yummy! Thanks for sharing them!

Nazlı Hilal says:

yogurt is not from greek its from turkey it is turkish yogurt

Justyna Ud says:

Looks so delicious 😍 I loved the video 😘

Devi Harris says:

I'm waiting to take my lunch break and now I got more hungry lol

The Happy Pantry 開心煮意 - - - Since 2020 says:

What inspiring vegetarian recipes!

rgar haskaFabb says:

Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

EmmTASTY says:

Beautiful recipe 👏

Lisbet Soda says:

Have you ever figured the calorie amounts in any of those super delicious looking breakfast ideas?

jaafar awadallah says:

Thoses looks yummy I'm going to make thoses

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