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CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PARFAIT – VEGAN, gluten free, sugar free
A Nutmeg Notebook Recipe by Tami Kramer
Go Here for the full blog post including the PRINTABLE RECIPE

You can make this dessert in your High Speed Blender or as we are showing in the Champion Model 2000 Juicer – Go To the 24:00 minute point in this video (How To Make Nice Cream) for detailed nice cream instruction, other devices are also covered in the comprehensive Nice Cream Video

Chocolate Cherry Brownie Recipe and Video
Video –
Printable Recipe –

If you consider yourself a chocolate lover I have the perfect recipe for you. I would describe it as decadent, indulgent and downright delightful! It is layers of chocolate goodness all made with wholesome plant foods that are full of nutrition as well as deliciousness. Imagine a generous serving of Chocolate banana nice cream layered with chunks of Chocolate Cherry Brownies and fresh strawberries or raspberries. Add a few fun little toppings and you just built yourself an amazing dessert that is sure to please any dessert lover. All this sweetness just from fruit!

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Susan Alderman says:

That looks wonderful, Tami! I have an Omega Juicer and my banana nice cream doesn't come out like that. They must be more different inside than I assumed. I like cacao nibs for the crunch too. I also use the Date Lady date syrup as a drizzle. Yum!

Lauren Bendik says:

does the vinegar taste like chocolate syrup? im confused at idea of chocolate vinegar

Lauren Bendik says:

im thinking of getting a yonana machine…a champion juice is expensive for someone like me, who wouldnt actually use it to juice.

Infinite Love & Gratitude says:

Thank You Tami! Looks Incredible! You may want to do something about the AD that YouTube has attached to your video. It is a 1 Hour Long Presentation by Dr. Steven Gundry & Plant Paradox. They put this same Ad on Shayda's new video for her Refried Beans. Both of you Lovely Ladies deserve to get credit for your Views, but no one is going to sit thru and hour of his nonsense… especially to see your short 10 minute video.

Jill Digwood says:

Wow!! Looks so good. Hope you are both well, much love from Spain ❤️😘

Claire Car says:

Just wanted to thank you for all your content.

I’ve been eating your recommended chopped salads for a while now. I’ve been using baby kale as the main greens. Yesterday I happened upon a blood drive. I stopped in and was able to donate blood for the first time in years because my iron levels were fine. The last few times I tried to donate I couldn’t because of low iron. I don’t know for sure if it’s related to the kale salads, but I like to think so.

So, hopefully, together we both have saved the life of another person in need of blood. 💕💕💕💕 oh and my blood pressure was the lowest it has been in a long time as well. 😎 Thanks again!

Gabrielle Gayheart says:

Question: How do you store leftover nice cream? Mine turns rock hard in the freezer. I also have the same trouble if I want to make it a day ahead of a family meal.

Suzie D. says:

yum looks great…..Thank You

Christine Peters says:

HI could i use carob powder how much would i use?

Christine Peters says:

HI Tammy could i make it in the yonanas machine?

Taai02 says:

Wow Tami, your hair looks so nice, shiny and full! Must be all those nutrients your putting in 😍

Lady Dee says:

Thank you for this recipe, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make dairy and sugar free ice cream! I’m going to make this for Xmas

So Bella BG says:

We have an Omega masticating juicer that is the same as the Champion. It really is a game changer for making nice creams. I take one of the bite size Cookie Dough Lara Bars and cut it into bite size pieces and freeze it. Mix it with frozen bananas in the juicer and you have Cookie Dough Nice Cream. Another option is to mix Date Lady Date Syrup with cocoa powder (or cacao powder) to make a chocolate sauce. Drizzle some in when making the nice cream and you get a fudge swirl. Such a nice and healthy treat. Need to make your brownies for Thanksgiving. Thanks, Tami!

Brenda Farris says:

So glad your 'camera man' enjoyed the tastes along the way! Can't let that yumminess go to waste!

Peggy Evans says:

You’re the BEST 😊 Thank You!

Kylie Ky says:


Kerry Watson says:

That looks Amazing! 🌺

Terri Woolever says:

Looks delicious can’t wait to try this

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