I Just Made the Best VEGAN Bacon

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In today’s video, I just made the best vegan bacon ever. My rice paper bacon recipe is a cult Edgy Veg classic, and with all your tips and techniques, I was able to update the recipe to the next level. This rice paper bacon is not only crispy and realistic but also easy to make!!

🌱Vegan Bacon: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2016/05/30/vegan-bacon-make-vegan-bacon-using-rice-paper/

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Edgy Veg says:

Hope you guys are loving this remix of an old classic. Try this at home, it's so easy and insanely good!

Vickie Dunn says:

Thanks for the tips and recipe for bacon what do you use for eggs

victoria Noel says:

I have no nutritional yeast. Is it needed. Or should i wait and get some ?

Zeynep Halıcı says:

I am hungry

Anna Lee says:

what is the best vegan mayo ??? please help .. =)

Martha Ochoa says:

Great recipe but, I think an added tablespoon of maple syrup is better only cause I do like it a bit sweeter, thank you for sharing! And also your chick Fil a spicy sandwich is the best!!!!!!

Anita K says:

Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing 🌱💚

PlayBoyHustlazTV says:

Why not use jackfruit ?

Julia Sharp says:

It freezes well. Make a big batch and put some in a freezer bag. When you take it out it tastes fine, like you just made it.

Jason Hyett says:

It ain't bacon unless it's from a pig!!

AlinaTowers says:

My suggestion after making this: 2 layers comes out a bit salty but 3 sheets is perfect. Less salty, thicker, and it bubbles up and curls nicely!

Aron B says:

How do you know what bacon tastes like if you're vegan?

Wendy Hilton says:

So am I missing something? Where do you find the recipe?

Sursie Metzger says:

Candace: You can find them at any grocery store

Me: thinking about the one time I found rice paper in a store while out of town and got so excited only to come home and see they were all broken ⚰️😅

Jamie Cee49 says:

I've made spring rolls before. And love them. If not hundred ingredients may have to try them. Wow, they do look like Bacon. I like chewy bacon. I always ate cold baco. lol.

Alex Paulsen says:

Please don't take this personally, but if vegans are the people making this stuff, how do they know it's comparable to pig-bacon if they won't eat any of it to find out?

If it doesn't compare, why call it bacon?

Looks delicious though, and I am a vegan. 🙂

HazelDawn14095 says:

How well do you think they would hold up in a broccoli salad?

e le says:

We were out of nutritional yeast so we omitted it and used white pepper and a 1/2 tsp cornstarch. It was really good. We added a little more onion powder, liquid smoke and added black truffle oil. Then we tried another batch with just a bit of jarred jalapeno brine. We also stuck two together and then both sides. If you let sit for about 20 seconds it turns into a single disk and is easily cut into strips with sharp knife. Great recipe though. I am going to have fun playing with this recipe. We made bacon for on top of our spinach salad for our family dinner. Thanks again!

Schokoladenmotorboot says:

I've made it yesterday for the first time and there was a lot of bacon, so i thought well i can store it in the fridge for later use. Well nope, my boyfriend snacked so much of these everytime he walked in the kitchen 😂 thanks for that delicious recipe!

Anita Hamlin says:

Great tips! I look forward to doing the next batch with your wet two ply method. I have used scissors but not while wet. You confirmed what I suspected. Thanks! Your mat seems to work far better than parchment. What is it made of?

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