The Impossible Burger to a Wyoming Rancher

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Mike takes a look at and a bite of fake meat. From the history of the veggie burger to the newest incarnations.

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Our Wyoming Life
PO Box 667
Gillette WY 82717

Join us on our journey as we leave a life in corporate america to come back to Wyoming and help on the family ranch.

Our Wyoming Life features our Wyoming ranch and our ranch family. Giving you a look into the workings of ranching from raising cattle to raising and harvesting crops. Erin will join you weekly out of the garden, showing you how she helps provide for our family through growing produce and selling at local farmers markets, and Mike will take you along as he tends to the animals and land of ranch, from calving to fencing to planting and harvesting hay.


Christine kilar says:

Oh my goodness, your face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jose Zambrano says:

good video! informative and well edited. congratulations

James' Autist says:

Great video! This stuff gives rats liver cancer, stay away from it. If you're vegan, good for you but stick to eating real food.

Pelikan says:

Your farm is barely making it financially with the animals. Why don’t you prepare for the change that is bound to happen and start changing to an ethical veg farm. You did not talk about the heartache you get when you send your friends to the slaughterhouse. Not having to deal with this is enough to make the change. Peace of mind is worth much.

sfi382 says:

Really beef is the only way

Kaysrd says:

The people who prepared ur impossible whopper did a terrible job that’s not how it’s supposed to look at all

willothewispl says:

I tried a plant based diet for about three years. Lost weight, felt great, but ended up anemic and lots of other things. Went back to meat and fish and the Dr.s and am fine now. 😷👍🏻

kobee brooks says:

I call it you respect there decision but you just don't agree with it.

Marj Schmitz says:

I am a vegatarian but I don’t eat the so called meat or cheese substitutes. I eat veggie burgers without the chemicals. Mostly grains, rice and mushrooms.
If I eat a pizza, it has to have real cheese, not imitation cheese, no meat but lots of veggies.
I do appreciate your way of life and don’t impose my values on you or other people.

Anne-Marie Olka says:

Thank you for sacrificing your stomach so we dont have to. Stick to whoppers with cheese.

Lynn Clark says:

I have my favorite place to get a flame grilled burger. They also put on that grill the impossible burger. It changed the taste of my favorite burger. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!

Johnny Campbell says:

Mike the look on your face told me everything I need to know lol

mike w says:

you got more guts then me Mike i wont even try it

Leslie W Bogert says:

Mike To tell the truth – not everyone likes hamburg's / vegie burgers and I for one don't foresee an end to beef farming – people like their steaks and jerky and veal too much that I highly doubt they can make those in factories – and don't forget baby back ribs !
It was tried before – crossing bison with cattle but was not a total sucess I have heard ! The problem some think is in growth hormones and Dr s are jumping on the colestro(?) Bandwagon about good and bad kinds however there are also other factors in this also so I hardly see an end to beef – asI recall Mc Donald's used to produce meat that was made with earthworms – – boy did people scream over that ! Another key factor is obedesty from eating fats and cooking with such – personally I like my meat pretty much lean as my theory is fat makes fat – not much change to it so that's my 2 cents worth on the subject on the other hand there is a growth of bison meats which I think is better and more farmers are switching to grass fed beef and so forth along with " salt which too much is not good for you !

cause&effect says:

A rancher eating a vegan burger is like a Klu Klux Klan kissing a black person

Jerry Foreman says:

True be told! Organic all the way!

Ann Forkin says:

I would have spit it out!

Sean Halldorson says:

You must have gotten a weird one. A friend of mine, who does still eat meat, couldn't tell the difference. And I've talked to many people who said that it was good and nearly indistinguishable from an actual whopper. I will agree that it is no healthier than a whopper though.

Trellen Russey says:

Look on your face is priceless! I have no inclination to eat fake anything!! I have a granddaughter who has been vegan, along with her husband, for years. I don't know if they ever eat fake beef, but as careful as they are to eat very healthy, I doubt it. When we have a family "potluck" they bring a dish that is usually good, sometimes just delicious…usually has bean base, sometimes grain and veggies. And some of the other dishes, vegetables, people bring are cooked to be vegan. I am way too much a meat eater to want to stop eating it, and the base meat of this gathering is my son's bbq a brisket, or ribs, yum, but as long as you are careful to research and blend ingredients to get all vitamins and minerals the body needs, vegan can be healthy too. I think it would be more trouble…but once you learn, I guess you just cook that way.

Richard Chasse says:

Thank you, sir !!! Ain't no "beyond meat" touching these lips !! Just found your channel with Erin (sp?) showing how to cook a steak in a heavy bottom pan and finished in the oven. Your episode is #2 for me. Love the authenticity. Of, course I subscribed. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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