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SPECIAL QUARANTINE EDITION: Plant-Pusher Chef Dirt Sarno takes backyard vegan BBQ to a whole new level on his no-kill grill. BBQ grilled veggie mains that will add to and elevate your game! Here are 3x recipes to get you started!

How to prepare and break down Aubergine/Eggplant into Fillets:

Learn how to break down a Butternut Squash: for loins, steaks and Filets:

HOTBOX Whole Head Cabbages: for the best cabbage steaks ever:

Make your own Wicked BBQ Sauce!


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Kitchen tools we love and use:

Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife:
Vitamix 5200 Blender:
Cuisinart Food Processor:
Lodge Cast Iron Skillets:
Microplane Zester:
KitchenAid Stand Mixer:
Bamboo Spatulas:
Boos Reversible Walnut Cutting Board:
Cuisinart Variable Speed Hand Blender:
Kota Granite Mortar & Pestle Stone Grinder:
OXO Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper:
Carbon Steel Wok:
Bamboo Steamer Baskets:

Video gear we use:

Sony FS7:
Sony a7riii:
Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM Prime Lens:
Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G Prime Lens:
Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Zoom Lens:
Litepanels Astra 6x Bi-Color LED Panels:
Atomos Shogun Inferno 7″ 4K Monitor:
Atomos Shinobi 5″ 4K Monitor:
RodeLink Digital Wireless Microphone:
Rode NTG4+ Shotgun Microphone:
Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Tripod System:
Wescott 4×4′ Scrim Jim Cine Kit:

Video by Ira Chute (@irachute) |
Music by Gabriel Naïm Amor (@amorsonic) |

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Siani Marie says:

I laughed so hard when he came out of the play house 😂! Awesome recipe!


Very nice video, I'll definitely like and follow…, great job.
Food on barbecue is always the best, l like cooking on clay tiles, stones and various other ways, come to visit my new channel, I wait you!

Gabriel Bristol says:

Who are the 15 people who gave this video a thumbs down? They have no soul and you just know they kick elderly women in the shins and steal their purses just for fun.

Elena Klaver says:

Can we get Tesco products in the US?

Tammy-Lynn Stewart says:

Those eggplant filet look like fish filets. I wonder how a seasoning combo like lemon pepper would go.

Victoria Parmele says:

Loved this video, for so many reasons – Will this work on an indoor grill ?

Dawn Leech says:

Looks amazing!! I’m going to try that one too

Alicia V says:


Two Watt says:

Say "veg" one more time, Dirt!

Susan Waterworth says:

This made me want to get a BBQ! Thank you, as always.

Ian Nova says:

I want to see someone eat that cabbage

Catherine Vade Bon Coeur says:

The doll house exit made me laugh outloud! Thank you. Laughs are few and far between these days.❤

I would like to see some more salads and different oil-free dressings. I run out of ideas and tend to go with a couple of old favs.

Love your and your bro's videos. Thank you. Especially now, they are great to have. 🙏

Danielle Nguyen says:

Tiny house edition

Bepartofmynovel says:

i gotta try that aubergine!
question: do you salt the raw aubergine to make it "sweat" out the bitterness before you add it to the oven?

Nerhegeb says:

Somebody tried that and out? We followed the instructions but the white cabbage ended up like leather, the red cabbage.. Well. Burned on the outside, raw at the inside and covered in BBQ sauce. Any advice? 🙁
Feels like coleslaw with BBQ Sauce. The aubergine was guey and falling apart. 😭

Brian McCrudden says:

How long do you cook the eggplant at 400°?

Kathy J says:

How have I not known about this channel?! And a book too. Yum! The purple cabbage and squash are beautiful. (The egg plant fillets look like fish! I wonder if you could make a no fish fillet with a nori powder rub?). Thank you 🌱

Mules says:

I’ll make this as soon as my dad gets the grill going! Looks beyond amazing!

klayface says:

This looks absolutely amazing!!! I can't wait to show this off to my boyfriend. LOL.

Bryan says:

Taking the skin off the aubergine, and marinating over night?! Subbed!

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