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Madeleine Olivia says:

Currently sitting on a plane to Venice, waiting for take off and very bored/tired, so thought I would push this vlog live early! Hope you enjoy some snippets from our recent trip to Mallorca! And if you're interested in signing up to Squarespace, don't forget to use the code "MADELEINE" and get 10% off your first purchase here: https://www.squarespace.com/madeleineolivia

Also if you'd like to see more footage from our trip, you can watch the vlogs on our vlog channel! https://www.youtube.com/alexandmaddie

Di Hu says:

you and alex are SOO cute. love the vibe

Harvey Payne says:

Happy Cow vegan search is rubbish do your own research. It’s called the internet.

Camilla Rhodes says:

Vegan food looks so much better than non-vegan foods!

Debopriya Nath says:

After a long time I m watching ur video,,,its great,,,,,keep it up🥰

Eva Romero Blasco says:

when you are spanish and you understand what the people in the back say lol

L Z says:

Nice editing!!

Christina Pistone says:

Loved this! I travel for a living as a private flight attendant and nutritionist and I've been vegan for 10 years, it's so nice seeing someone else living this lifestyle and sharing it! xx

N Mora says:

Next time you go to Spain you should try pisto, it's similar to Ratatouille and it's sold in tins in every supermarket. And of course bread with tomato. You take a slice of bread rub a clove of garlic, and a half tomato and pour a little dash of extra Virgin olive oil on the bread. I think that bread is "the most Spanish" food you can have.

Doble Rollo says:

I enjoyed this video so goddamn much, I just felt on holidays myself!! I'm from Spain and it's so easy to eat super tasty and beautiful looking vegan food in pretty much any town even if it's small, things have changed a lot over the last 5 years.

Mari says:

I am not vegan but i am in lov w ur videoss

Mari says:

U r beautiful girl what the hackkk

Mari Carmen Moreno says:

well… a bit late but i won't recommend the tap water specifically from mallorca (i was born there so i know what im talking about)

belenciglia says:

Nice video but that vegan picnic on the beach = plastic & packaging galore!

Evelyn Hayashida says:

sorry olive oil with what please

ecoAni says:

I enjoyed the video, very cool the filming under the water! I'm glad there are more and more vegan options !! Saludos desde España

Rebecca Elliott says:

I now live in Northern Ireland, but I was born and raised in Spain, and it’s where I went vegan!! so it’s awesome to see you there!!


Thats crazy!!! I am from Barcelona, Catalonia and I am on holidays in Mallorca hehe 🙂 Funnily enough, i've recently been t o porto and venice…

KirstyMarie 25 says:

Interesting.. I've just spent a week in Palma Nova and the tap water gave me quite bad belly ache, guess each area is different? X

à la Parisienne says:

Oh Maddie I’m sooo in love with the quality and how you film and edit ! So much fun to watch !! 😊❤️❤️

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