Cooking Music – Playlist 2020

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Cooking Music – Playlist 2020:
00:00 Fly Me To The Moon – The Cooltrane Quartet & Nenei
03:31 Love You Inside Out – Beluga’s Trio & Shelly Sony
07:13 Roads – Urban Love & Ivette Moraes
10:06 Everywhere – Eve St. Jones
13:07 Talking In Your Sleep (Bossa Nova Mix) – Ituana & Groove Da Praia
16:55 The Lady In Red – The Cooltrane Quartet
20:42 Take It Easy – Jamie Lancaster
23:58 One Of These Nights – James Farrelli & Ituana
27:11 Jamming – Groovy Waters
29:56 Missing – Herbie Garrett, Krister & Mayla Da Viola
33:24 Crazy – Celso Mendes & Lua
37:07 You Really Got Me – George White Group, Nikki Ocean & Groovy Waters
39:41 Pink – Les Crossaders & Mandy Jones
43:09 Fortunate Son – Stella Starlight Trio
47:03 Sunday Morning (Acoustic Mix) – Dalbani & Herbie Garrett
50:00 Perfect Strangers – Nikki Ocean
53:27 Take My Breath Away – Flora Martinez
56:58 I Just Wanna Stop – Michelle Simonal
59:21 Hold On My Heart – The Cooltrane Quartet Feat. Luca Giacco
01:04:20 Back Down South – Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza
01:07:04 When The World Is Running Down – BossArt Ensemble, Os Alquimistas & Natascha
01:10:07 Losing Grip – Stella Starlight Trio Feat. Cassandra Beck
01:14:18 Back To Black – Eve St. Jones
01:18:24 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) – Urban Love
01:21:03 Good For You – Style Project
01:24:43 I Like You – Brazil XXI Feat. Luca Giacco
01:28:46 True – The Moleskins, BossArt Ensemble & Brazilian Jazz Cuts
01:32:51 Big In Japan – Banda Do Sul Feat. Isa
01:37:12 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – James Farrelli
01:40:53 Fever – Amazonics
01:44:59 I Remember – Don & Gene, Groove Messengers & DJ Style
01:48:28 Without You – Bellestar & Francoise Sanders
01:51:46 Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Dinah Eastwood
01:56:16 More Than I Can Bear – Luca Giacco
02:00:14 Cryin’ – Sarah Menescal
02:03:33 Would I Lie To You – Eve St. Jones
02:07:15 Best Of You – Dual Sessions
02:11:47 Our Day Will Come – Brazil XXI Feat. Sixth Finger
02:14:30 Go Your Own Way – Nova Bossa Ltd. Marvin Natalie Renoir
02:17:17 I Only Wanna Be With You – Eve St. Jones
02:21:05 Behind Blue Eyes – Amazonics Feat Michelle Simonal
02:25:08 Little Lies – Luca Giacco
02:27:09 Lanterna Dos Afogados – Sarah Menescal
02:29:59 Say Say Say – Eve St. Jones

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Music Brokers says:

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Insecure says:

This Makes my beans baked with chicken breast and the vegetables so freaking delicious pretty chill thx

Marilyn De la torre says:


Brian says:

came here curious what "cooking music" would be like… fly me to the moon 👍

Texas Star says:

Playing this while microwaving a cup of ramen for one…

Maja Glodowska says:

this is bossa nova music 🙂

Milos Paunovic says:

Playing this while opening instant noodles

Gatis Jašmonts says:

I'm making honey chocolate cake ,so delicious

Mark Whitehouse says:

Got cool

Gold's Kitchen says:

could I use any of this music for my YouTube videos

MrNixtt says:

Playing this while making Christmas cookies

Yorik Vatral says:

I would say, Slow Cooking Music ..))

Dilip fajong says:

am cooking my brocouly with potatos

SereiPanha says:

I’m making bacon cheese sandwich 😋

Awakened Lion says:

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Evangeline Robles says:

My Mom is making shrimp pasta my fav!

Neilneil Guiang says:

Great when you cook steak or fancy pasta dishes

Republic BrickFlick Studios says:

Listened to this a while back finally getting around to commenting lol

Quarantine Gaming says:

Fly me to the moon is my favorite out of all the songs … resonate …..please be true❤️

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