Pheasant Saffron Noodle Soup | Daddy Jack

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-Carlos -Danger says:

Glad to see you still rocking it out in the kitchen Big Daddy! You're the man!

Sue Jones says:

My dad did lots of bird hunting in the 1960s and 1970s. We ate lots of pheasants and ducks. My husband did the same thing. I miss the wild bird taste.

Forner Marc says:

Merci pour la bonne soupe 🥣 bonjour de France 🇫🇷

daniel forest says:

It wasn't on my bucket list, but I'm so glad I drove an hour&1/2 to get to your restaurant from Rhode Island, and I'm from Texas. Will take that to my grave. Why not do a top 10 list of Daddy Jacks' all time favorites!?!!!

neal k says:

Your knife skills are 2nd to none.

mrs Billy The Kid says:

Lovin' up a storm to you guys always.

Ume Hasan says:

the best thing about you is we feel at home while watching you the delicious stuff.
your channel is so different from the "regular" cooking channels. 🌷 🌷

ndnpony says:

So glad you are still filming. I have tried to find a "Daddy Jack's" apron. I'm in Oklahoma and have been part of your YouTube family for years. You are an American Treasure, my Brother!

Charlie Kavanagh says:

Great when you come in after milking the cows

Jim N says:

Giant birds good looking soup!

Jim N says:

Video's are awesome! Keep it going

Brian Beavers says:

Reminds me of early 70s, when l just started hunting, rather than just hiking along with & observing my father hunting. Having soup after out in the fall woods for 5-6 hrs.
I miss my granpas cooking(from GA) & he could COOK….

FISH ON says:

That pheasant was H U G E

WaitingOn Mars says:

Do you have a cookbook? If not you should make one

Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse says:

Mike Tyler sounds like a good man to know.

PapaKryptoss says:

You two are so cute together

Robert Lebel says:

Got the same peeler,love it!

Dorene Collins says:

Thank you for your shows I appreciate them. You are a good man

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