3 Delicious Lentil Recipes | healthy + vegan

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How to cook lentils and make them taste amazing!

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Vegan Dal Tadka recipe: https://www.rainbowplantlife.com/blog/restaurant-style-vegan-dal-tadka

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Francis Suitum says:

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Randomly Jessie says:

I’m so curious how many calories do you find you eat in a day and what’s your activity level? I am trying to transition to vegan but my past attempts have left me gaining weight 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sarah Copple says:

Brother from another mother 😅

Sofia Serez says:

Oh my gosh the parents killed me 😂 actually sitting here laughing out loud

Shruti says:

True Indian parents. My dad is the same, lol 😂

Laura Laterra says:

Love the call with your parents!!!!☺️☺️☺️

Brenda Trump says:

Wow, you are so beautiful and so are your parents.

Brittany Alexis says:

It’s hilarious that your dad started naming the ingredients in the background and your mom says “he doesn’t make Dal I make Dal “ 😂

Natalie Ayala says:

Made the Dal tonight! I prefer your red lentil curry but this was awesome to vary up my lentil curries and felt a tad spicier. Def also lower in fat compared to the other but still so flavorful. The other one would def be a treat for me 😂

Debbie Palmer says:

So funny!!!

Melanie Hubbard says:

Are there any brands that sell pre-sorted lentils? I hate the item of having to sort them before cooking them.

Preetha Rsu says:

Omg your dad bae, I'm soo sorry even I need to talk about your dad, your video started so seriously and then this :-D, the way he started jumping n explaining I literally thought he's the one making dal and then this, " dal who me" ha ha ha, and your mom so patient allowing him to do his part. Lovely parents and lovely cooking video.

Linda Pesnell says:

❤️Looks So Delicious Thank You❤️

frankie mermaid says:

I started a plant-based diet recently and I've always loved lentils and am always looking for more recipes for them. thank you for this!! (and your parents are adorable)

Camille Hrg says:

Do you leave the bulb/stem in the garlic?

Matthew says:

5:51 prepare ingredients for recipe 2

Diane Anderson-Bach says:

Your parents are great! So funny!


amazing I have tried all three now <3

Tori Cortez says:

This is my new favorite YouTube channel

HeavenMadeMeDoIt says:

Will I be able to use green lentils for this

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