5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Beginners

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Anuška D. Nemanič says:

Lol, I think I have the same chopsticks

Babeena_Gt _ says:

To much starch and gluten for me, and I'm allergic to soy,but still all looks good

Marlene xx says:

OH! you look a little like daphne from Bridgerton

Lumins Gazer says:

Feed the world food!

Lily Steelgrace says:

It sucks to live in a country with biggest prices of food compared to income in whole Europe -_-, most of these are not cheap, just normal prices (for me).
Edit: looks amazing and I plan to try some of these out XD

Bart is the way says:

what I love about these recipes is that they involve very practical things to find like lentils, chickpeas etc.. rather than seitan, tempeh and other stuff that not only are not easy to find but cheap neither

destiney rodgers says:

Damn so beautiful 😍

Venturia says:

Great ideas! 🦕🦔💚

The only downfall is that in the begining you have to invest in all the spices. But it's good that they are optional.

Labhyanshi chauhan says:

The fact that every other recipe is just another indian variant ❤️❤️

shaheda mirza says:

it's basically Indian food. Lentils Curry and rice 🤤

michelle edwards says:

Iv been wanting to vegan for a while but was worried a bout budget but this has really made me feel great about it I have a local aldi too

Kira Brandau says:

Its Not keto

Tom Buck says:

As an American, under one lb does not sound like a lot of food…

Larisa Thirion says:

Love your channel! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making the videos! I enjoy each one of them, especially the budget friendly recipes and grocery hauls. ❤ from Cape Town, South Africa.

Oliver says:

Love! and you are so gorgeous and such a pretty voice XX

Zoe Arriaga says:

Should i cover my lentils when i cook them?

Vitoria Curto says:

Just tried your red lentil dahl today and I am a fan!! Will be adding that to my regular dishes! Thank you

Earthling Ellis says:

I make the lentil dahl ALL the time and everyone (including non-vegans) who try it always tell me it is really really delicious!

Debbie Howard says:

You. Are. Brilliant. I just discovered your channel. I wish that you were talking as you prepare the food as the music can be distracting. Just my preference. I plan to continue watching. 🙂

Linda Norrgård says:

Not very much protein tho

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