Easy Vegan Meals UK | FULL Roast Cooked In 20mins (reviewed)

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#veganfooduk #veganroast #SupportVeganBusinesses Easy Vegan Meals UK | FULL Roast Cooked In 20mins (reviewed)

Vegan cooking is getting a whole lot easier, and it doesn’t come easier than this new plant-based roast at home service – which we reviewed so that you can see the whole process

We have seen this new UK vegan food service being initiated by small vegan businesses across the country as they adapt & diversify their services as lockdown continues.

We hope it helps! Don’t forget to support small vegan businesses in any way you can through these hard times

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Natalie says:


British MGTOW says:

I have never seen a healthy looking vegan

nokTOXIC Vegan says:

Looks good. Great idea to support vegan places. We can't lose them

Debra V. Wilson Researcher Identity & Nat Sec says:

This is a fantastic video. The entire Vegan Roast looked so good.

kia makepeace says:

Can absolutely vouch for the roasts from the Roundhill! Spot on every single time….. without question the best roast I've eaten ❤️

nh73 says:

Looks amazing! I live in an area of animal farming/abuse. So vegetarian and vegan is still considered weird..lol..
North England.
Lucky for me my late mother taught me to cook vegetarian from an early age. Old school vegetarian and vegan.
My mother made the most amazing Cashew nut roast! Only for Christmas dinner as it was not cheap.
You guys are fortunate to live in a place where being vegan is accepted! Up here you'd be treated as vegetarian people where back in the 90's!
Love your videos guys! Peace..N..

Allison Briggs says:

Great that it's a vegan pub as I don't trust establishments that do meat versions places like fast food outlets.

Rebecca Green says:

Oh. That looks gorgeous. Brighton is so good for vegans. My vegan friend lives in Kemptown and there are so many vegan options there.

Rebecca S says:

Great idea! I would definitely support a local vegan eatery if I had one. My closest vegan restaurant is a two hour drive :'( but still, this is an awesome thing to do! Very thoughtful

Chiari & MS vegan mum says:

That looks so good. We are lucky enough to have a vegan takeaway locally, and while it is awesome, it is junk food. I would love something like this.

Crystal Moet says:

Food looks good

Crystal Moet says:

Foodie! Gimme

Vegans UponHull says:

Mates love it. Got a pub (not 100% Vegan but doing a massive Vegan menu up here too; not been yet but need to get in on it). Super jealous of having that place too.

mumofmany says:

You're very lucky to have that restaurant in your area. Nothing like that near me. 💖💚🌱🌍

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