Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

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Here’s your guide to making the perfect burger from the ‘Master Chef’ Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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Pond PvP says:

this actually helped me

Drizz says:

Didn’t season the grill.

Salvador Navarro says:

Where's the lamb sauce!!!!!!!!!

Blaze AMVs 卂 says:

i dont care its perfect , i just want the burger T-T

WebFish says:

Anyone else just keep coming back to this video every month or so

Eddie Guzman says:

this guy is just picky about food

Kyle John says:

Who else thinks that "gourmet" burgers are impracticality thick? You can make the patties thinner…

PoloLenny Orlando says:

Imagine if the nazis had Ramsay as his chef

Brian Rivera says:

3:26 Gordon knocks over oil

Flashy Shadow Ray says:

3:25 that pan is going away.

Liverpool Transfer rumours says:

I’ve seen more seasaning on dis vid then I have donuts on kitchen nightmares

ATP Soldat says:

Suprised you didn't verbally tenderize your cameraman while physically tenderizing your beef.

Hari Rameau says:

The nervous nephew biosynthetically separate because camera unlikely arrange between a tenuous gladiolus. bite-sized, five cylinder

Jonathan Ruedas says:

Me after making a casadilla for the first time:

Andy Crampton says:

Puts the salt guy in insta to shame

JJ says:

All jokes aside that burger really does look delicious

Incompetent Gaming says:

Just add a touch of oil and salt to your cereal to elevate the flavor.

Roki says:

Vegan treacher is watching this like

000 00 says:

My mouth is crying

BearsFan 15 says:

The 35k dislikes are from Vegans and Nino burner accounts

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