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Here’s celebrity chef and TV presenter Ken Hom with an easy chow mein recipe using just a handful of flavoursome ingredients and a simple chow mein sauce.

225g (7 1/2oz) dried or fresh egg noodles
1tbsp sesame oil, plus more to serve
1 1/2tbsp groundnut or vegetable oil
2-3 garlic cloves, chopped
50g (2oz) carrots, shredded
50g (2oz) mangetout, trimmed and shredded
3tbsp spring onions, finely chopped on the diagonal
1 red pepper, shredded
pinch sugar
2tsp light soy sauce
2tsp dark soy sauce
1tbsp rice wine or dry sherry

For this recipe and more, head to Tesco Real Food:


Noelle Papasoff says:

well explain ,gentle tone, love chef Ken tom

All Night Rocker says:

Looks amazing. I like to add some dried chili de arbols that I rehydrate and some julienned red onions

Sabeen Qureshi says:

Great capsicum cutting tip.😌

HGS Productions says:

This looks so yummy … I have also mde Chicken Chow Mein / pasta .. let me know what you guys think 🤤😇

حنين عبدالعزيز says:


sharon mcmann-morelli says:

you are so pleasant to watch🥰. what kind of wok did you use?

Eric Hu-A-Ng says:

Where is the oyster sause !

amand kumar singh says:

Can you get noodles in tesco?

Janice Gear says:

Thank you, it tastes lovely!

Teykitisi says:

hahaahahahahahahaahahah amateur old man fur mthr

rubina naeem says:

Sir I like your wok please guide what kind of wok is good and from where I can buy?

AprilBlossoms says:

I would attend a masterclass with this chef!

Janna J says:

That’s exactly how I make my noodles

Watch sermi says:


piespeafield says:

I couldn't eat a whole Ken Hom

priya pahuja says:

What is mangetout I don't know

Ynold&Jigs cooking tips says:

"Wow" so yummy and delicious! hope you also try my cooking tips, Thank you! more blessings to come!

Dominator775 says:

you suck at cutting

Tertia.E011 says:

Add bean shoots & MSG to level up.

CanSu Can says:

What is the name of this chef ?

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