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Today I introduce my dad onto my YouTube channel for the first time to share his epic recipe for simple vegan Italian recipes.



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Alex Kither says:

This channel really helped convince me to go vegan. Not by showing the horrors of the meat industry, but by showing the incredible beauty of vegan cooking. If you can make food this good without animal products, there is literally no reason to not be vegan.

SuperNatural Dahling says:

love the plate!

Millie Valentin Neal says:

Im watching this crying. Lost my father 2 months ago. I tried to get him to eat better, he never listened. Double amputee, had a stroke survived, but his eating was so bad. I tried, God knows I did. If he would've listened he'd probably be here with me. God bless you and your daddy.

Joyfullrecipes Joyfullrecipes says:

Buon appetito is right … but allow me to say: “poor pasta”!… Dry and cooked before being seasoned… Suggestion: prepare first the seasoning… then cook pasta… and so you can mix pasta & sauce/seasoning… 😉 It sure will be much more different and more digestible!

alicia c. says:

Omg your dad is beautiful

Sharon Williams says:

Are you willing to make a video on making different kind of cheese and cheese sauces? I saw someone make mozzarella cheese and a nacho cheese sauce sometime ago.. Would love to see your take on it!!

Sharon Williams says:

There are tons of vegan "chefs" on Youtube, but you are the best hands down!! I'm an almost 2 year old vegan and my meat-eating family and friends want my food instead of theirs! I can't use soy based products, mushrooms or eggplants (allergies) however you do give great tips and recipes… thank you!

Yanisa Phannet says:

His skin is glowing

georgeringopauljohn says:

Such a talented young man ….. who loves his mum and dad , and therefore will go far …

tomasina barr says:

Finally a man who doesn't want to eat testicle for dinner

Braunstein Freres says:

My dad's English and I understand the "Obviously he uses my recipes" statement so well. lol XD

Tsjitske Kok-Zondervan says:

You did wash your hands after the rugby challenge, I hope ? (Me: mother of 3 boys)

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:


Truthseeker59 says:

Handsome son…no wonder, beautiful parents.

Suprit Giradkar says:

Very happy to see that u will go vegetarian and realising cruelty towards animal….. better late than never…. majority Indians prefer vegetarian… welcome to India

Kimberly Meehan says:

Loved this! Looks delicious! Beautiful family!

André Cardoso says:

I wish my parents wouldn't be so close minded and would make this transition as well. Turning vegan was the best thing that happened in my life and finally got to try so many different ingridients.

The Veggie Food Channel says:

great recipe I tried it awesome flavours I used Veg stock instead of the Wine I drank that.

Lisa Blake says:

Your dad is vegan, that's awesome. Blessings to you and your family. My family and friends have had a difficult time with MY veganism. Unreal.

colourfully21 says:

I haven't found the best vegetable stock yet. I started making my own, but it takes up too much time, if you come home late. What do you think is the best ready-to-go vegetable stock you can find in the store?

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