The Perfect Lancashire Hotpot

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Lancashire hotpot is a British classic. Perfect comfort food for the whole family all year round. year.

I grew up near Lancashire and this recipe has always been a family favorite. This is the Lancashire hotpot recipe I’ve been using all my life.

In this video i show you how to make the perfect Traditional Lancashire hotpot. #recipes #cooking #comfortfood

Printable recipe is available on our blog:

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Francis Raffle says: lancashire hotpot I'm from the northwest of england we used to live in lancashire then the boundaries changed in the 70s and now we are classed as merseyside but I nearly always say lancashire or just st Helen's I was born in a little town called prescot it had it's own council til the 70s when the boundaries changed I moved to st Helen's when I first got married in the 70s and stayed here .mum was born in sthelens lived there til she was 13 then her mum brother and her moved to prescot .it says on my birth certificate lancashire so I always say I'm a lancashire lass

Indiana Tone says:

very nice if you can afford the meat these days very nice tho ,can i come round yours for tea i will wear me mask !

Michael Luck says:

Needs to be made with scrag-end to give a rich & deep lamb flavour.
Worcester sauce – yes,…. but
Yorkshire relish – NEVER!
Thicker cut potatoes underneath, thinner cut potatoes on the top. As
taught by my grandmother who came from Darwen.

SL R says:

This dish looks like amazing comfort food! 😋

Ducati SupersportS says:

I’m from Liverpool and we have a similar dish called Scouse which we make using chopped up spuds but your dish is similar. I’ll try it tomorrow for a Sunday dinner.

Mary Plaidy says:

Sounds good but I'd use beef. Better taste!

Gillian Kew says:

Mum used to use lard or beef dripping and scrag end of neck. This version is probably healthier 😝

Andrew Ashton says:

From a big family so this was staple although my mother always used scrag (neck) end and never used worcester sauce,

Stacey Blake says:

Fabulous recipe

Oh lala says:

It looks fabulous

Joan Beeldens says:

love hot pot but NO THYME PLEASE

Allen Proctor says:

Lovely simple to follow meals …..ur channel is a real find …..keep it going

njuham says:

I make this quite often but use beef instead, and some beer, in Finland it's called "merimiespihvi", sailor's steak/stew.

Sal Blasker says:

Lovely lady. I love watching these videos.

TheBenzooh says:

im inspired by english cookery. its hobbit food. love from sweden. i love cottage pie.

Andrew Rance says:

Looks great – must try this – haven't had lancashire Hotpot for years!

YYZed says:

Gonna try this in stainless to get that seared flavor meat needs.

Jack Ryan says:

Is the 170c fan assisted oven or ordinary?

Robin Tumman says:

Excellent video, you are a charming lady. I lived in Manchester for 30 years and never made it once. I've now retired to France and live on my own since my wife passed away. I'm making it now. Thank you.

Seamus O'Flatcap says:

I had a go at making this but it came out more like a stew, it was that runny. As a Yorkshireman I may be genetically incapable of making this foreign dish.

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