What My 6 KIDS Eat For BREAKFAST! | Simple Meal Ideas For Picky Kids! | #BlendedFamily

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Where are We from? Texas
Jasmine 29
Chris 33
Kailyn 8yrs
Amayah 4yrs
Ava 2yr
Ayden 2yr
Where Is The Kids Dad? Jail for 3 years


Dionne Bennett says:

And I'm a mother of five… thank God mine have had nannies and I've had alot of support and help but it's not easy so I just support her effort!!!!!!

Rita Patty says:

Girl bye you are not Chrissy

Gloria Biscoe says:

What a good job on all the breakfast, each breakfast got better and better

Tosha K. says:

Ayden don't be paying with him food 🥰 he does better than my teens

Nicki Antoinette says:

I can't believe I missed this video I am loving this content all of the meals look delicious you're such a wonderful mom have a wonderful and blessed night😇🙏

Rita So Sweet says:

Great job! 🙂 Looks delicious 🤤 Happy holidays beautiful ❤

Moms Against Medical Bullying says:

My kids are super picky haha I got 2 that'll eat eggs and one that wont touch em with a 10 foot pole

???? & The Gang says:

Some people's comments on here are just disgusting and quite disturbing and annoying bc I'm tryna understand why y'all insist on bashing this women who is doing nothing but providing for her kids and if she has subscribers who wanna bless her an her family then blessings out to them. You people who constantly have something negative to say about this girl are nothing but haters an computer fake ass thugs bc I guarentee none if them would say this to her face. Y'all are nothing but bullies. I swear y'all really need to get a life.

BeautifulBluebird says:

💜Made me hungry 😋 chile💜

EducatednFabulous says:

Off topic, but where did you get the satin robe from?

Twanya Dunn says:

Misery loves company…the shade in some of these comments. Smh. Jazz it was great to see some different content. Keep it up! One woman encouraging another woman.

Tiffany says:

I better step my game up, I dont even fix my husband a plate! 😂😌😒

Leatrice Sims says:

Hey jazzy I just wanted I been watching your videos for a long time and I not trying to be nosey but why don't you feed your children any grits or something I am just asking 😀😀😀

Juicy fruit Mommy of three says:

Damm out of all this comments there maybe 5 in total that are nice. Like just watch and enjoy the video inside of tearing it apart and finding every little thing that is wrong. It’s really pathetic

Vanessa Thomas says:

It look good, just be mindful of us viewers and yr clothes.

Toni C. says:

Thumbs Up To The Children Enjoying Their Fruit!!!♥️👍

better late than broke says:

All of the breakfasts look good!

Kathryn Locklin says:

Good job boo I luv u and ur family keep doing u luv and GOD Bless 💋🙏🏾

Sheila McFarland says:

Jazz, will you adopt me?

J P says:

Dang these comments are hotter than a pot of neckbones burning!😩chile

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