15 Minute Dinner Meals – 3 Easy & Healthy Vegan Recipes

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Are you tired when you come home from work and just want to make something quick but still something healthy? I made this video for you! I hope you enjoy these quick & easy vegan meals 😊

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Catherine Hache says:

Looks amazing!!!

Natalia Carmen says:

Yumm! This looks amazing ❤️

lise fiad says:

Where are your white pans from? These recipes look amazing btw!

Lizbeth Cal says:

Just came across your channel and I’m obsessed! I’ve watched 2 of your videos so far with a total of 5 recipes and they all were mouth watering! Can’t wait to try! 😁🤤🤗 Thank you for the new recipes! 😊

NMJ says:

Hello from sunny ☀️ Florida! I’ve been binging your channel! I love your recipes! I’m really going to give it my best this year to go whole food plant based!

Melanie Morales says:

So happy I found this channel!!!!

Ellen Eriksson says:

Var köper du din tempeh? Denna ser underbar ut 😃

Jodie Masterson says:

Bean sauce is the best

Default Name says:

Which exact blender do you use?

Keiana Espinoza says:

You should do a kitchenware haul/ clothes haul. Morning routine/ workout vid. Like or respond if agree. Thanks. Big fan. I tell everyone about your amazing vids. ☺️🤗😉😁😄

Dominika Marglarczyk says:

Omg how it's possible that I didn't find ur channel earlier? I love ur recipes, all of them! And you are so great and inspirational! Big ❤️ from Poland!

Pitu Blue says:

Thanks for those great ideas! And the bowls you serve food in are so nice, where did you get them?? ☺️🙏🏼

Happy Languages says:

Love these recipes:)

Hannah Banana says:

These all look amazing, can’t wait to try 😍

The Real Cooking Diaries says:

Love these ideas!! 💛🌱 Definitely going to try all of them! 😊

Fanny Fredriksson says:

Söt engelska 😉

Varsha Mistry says:

We'd love to watch your workouts as well!!

forever_vegan1 says:

love it ❤️❤️❤️

Aliza Strock says:

everything looks so delicious babe! definitely going to give that pasta sauce a try, so yum. Thanks for this video! xx

Vegan Foodz says:

OMG I love your videos! I love watching all the cool vegan recipes you make! I will definitely be using some of your recipes in my next videos 🙂

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