5 Meals I Eat Every Week (Vegan)

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Here are 5 easy, healthy, budget-friendly, and customizable meals that I eat every week as a vegan! Tell me your favorite weeknight staple meal in the comments below 🙂
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• Crunchy Asian Slaw: https://frommybowl.com/crunchy-asian-slaw-recipe/
• Pickled Red Onions: https://frommybowl.com/quick-pickled-red-onions/
• Smoky Tempeh: https://frommybowl.com/how-cook-tempeh/
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Caitlin Shoemaker says:

Hi friends! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂 I talk a bit fast in this one (was trying to squeeze a lot of tips in haha), so if you're having trouble understanding you can change the playback speed in the lower right corner of your screen. I'll try to slow down for future videos!

Moody Moonlight says:

I’ve tried the Asian Bowl and it turned out tasty!! ~

TOADlies says:

I’m just hungry and don’t know shit about meat

Shroedinger73 says:

Nice job on this vid !!! 🌱 All good recipes
Nice balance for your bod !!!! 😇

Nadra נד'רה leah.g says:

i like this 5 easy healthy meals. its great. i have to tell you something to improve your films. you speak very fast, it is hard to follow your instructions. good healthy day

Luísa Sicolo says:

That looks so Brazilian, loved it!

Baby Liax says:

I watching this because I want to be a vegan I'm sorry I just don't like meat anymore is just that it's very…🤢

Dana Selbert says:

What kind of frying pan is that?

Qweryy Awsedrf says:

Make Indian food
So many vegan options as long as you use oil instead of ghee or butter
Would increase variety


Very Nice😁, Delicious meals, greetings from Brazil!!🇧🇷

Bella Vlogs Life says:

Hey 👋 I’m a new subscriber and really like your content. I’m trying out Veganuary and really enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the meal ideas 😁

chefBobbygeetha says:

Super ❤️just made a vegan courgette and Brussels sprout kalonji masala

C says:

I just eat the same healthy food every day. I don’t know how people can use all of the food without it going bad… like, leftovers go bad in the fridge, so when you go to eat next week, completely different dish, oops, my food is rotten.

If I ate half a banana on day 1, the other have would be bad by next week, is basically what I’m trying to say. There has to be leftover food, and I’m just confused. I just eat the same thing so I never have waste

Sarah Williams says:

Your vegetable broth in place of oil may have just saved my life. I have gallbladder disease, so oil makes my gallbladder freak out

Leopold Stotch says:

vegan, wat a joke

TIGLESS 1 says:

I'm trying vegan cus I run out of meat and the stores are closed eeeh ….vegan is not delicious

G Will says:

Why don't you slow your talking down. It's difficult to understand what you are saying

Susan Smith says:

My favorite vegan meal is a nice spicy vegan chili.

Gee Mart says:

Easy Dal ( Lentil) Tadka Recipe 😋

Kurt Holloway says:

I like to eat the onions and garlic raw as the alliums are shown to reduce risk of cancer. Good ideas overall. I’m reluctant to brown my tofu because that will increase AGEs.

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