8 Amazing Veggie Burgers

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Me: just use meat 🥩
Me 2. Seconds later: oh there is vegans and vegetarians in this world 😆

Glamour Ghoul90 says:

I myself am not a vegetarian but I just started enjoy some veggies burgers for my lunches

Khushi Kandalgaonkar says:

Is egg vegan ?

Lily Vuong says:

I actually sometimes opt for veggie burgers because they feel less fatty and oily on the palette, it has a nice tender bite too. Much healthier and just as tasty! ✨

Hodan Adan says:

This music has a EDM or Electronic Dance Music that will dance away to a music festival and also going to a nightclub

Hodan Adan says:

I was a vegan and vegetarian for the first time. If I don't eat meat, fish or chicken

Kirttana S says:

2:18 you dare call that a bite!?

DBossMan117 says:

I’m not vegan or vegetarian but my girlfriend is and since coming vegan recipes, I’ve got to say, vegans sure know how to pack the flavor. For sure it’s to replace meat but damn is it an amazing concoction of spices and flavors. I’ve fallen in love with vegan cooking over the past year and certainly have incorporated vegan foods into my own diet. Love love love the vegan movement

Joseph Ybarra says:

I am going to eat these more often due to my weight problem

zumo de cereza says:

Tried the first one a while back. Tastes very bland and texture was simply terrible. So mushy. I am surprised ppl are saying it was good? Maybe should i try with dry beans next time?

Tomáš a Klára says:

Omg I am hungry when I don't eat vegan burgers (I don't eat meat burgers 10 years when I was 4)

Siiimply_ Peanut says:

Did you know in india instead of beef or meat to make the patty they first boil potatoes, mash them and add Indian spices and then add it into a slurry of cornflour, rice flour with water and some breadcrumbs in an other bowl too. I live in to India so that's why I know how they make it and trust me I am vegetarian so vegetarians do give my recipe a try too!

Girl Wonder66 says:

I feel like the meat eaters in this comment section don't eat vegetables lol. I LOVE meat, but I also really enjoy veggie burgers! This is a good way to get in lots of veggies!

Nomadic_Goddesss says:

Question: Would I be able to throw all of them into a frying pan to cook them? I currently do not have an oven

Eivor says:

I searched this video bc i haven’t enough money to buy meat, and hete it is ingredients more expensive

Harsha Vardhan says:

Amazing recipes – thanks so much
Can this work in air fryer than oven?

Sushma Mondal says:

Mc Donald's sell veg burgers here in india… U can try any of those veg burger list…

Venus Salim says:

Portobello burger is so damn good. I added chopped thai chili and sriracha. Omg 👍👍😋😋

Edward R says:

They all look a bit mushy to me

Huỳnh Thế Thông says:

At the moment, I'm very like eating burger veggie. It is my cup of tea, I'm really addicted with this dish. For instance, in the morning,

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