DIM SUM VEGAN CUSTARD BUNS: Classic vs Whole Food (What's the difference?)

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How to make Vegan Dim Sum Chinese Steamed Custard Buns recipe in 2 different ways. One’s a vegan adaptation of the classic recipe and the other is a healthy whole food plant-based recipe.
Tofu, firm – 100g
Soy milk, unsweetened – 80g
Vegan butter, unsalted, melted – 80g
Sugar – 65g
Indian black salt – ¼ tsp
Annatto, ground – ¼ tsp
Cornstarch – 40g

All-purpose flour – 240g
Baking powder – 5g
Instant yeast – 2.5g
Sugar – 10g
Salt – pinch
Soy milk, unsweetened, lukewarm – 160g
Vegetable shortening/Vegan butter, unsalted, room temperature – 10g

Whole Food:
Pumpkin, peeled, chopped – 180g
Tofu, firm – 100g
Maple syrup – 2 tbsp
Vanilla extract – ¼ tsp
Sesame paste (tahini) – ½ tbsp
Indian black salt – ¼ tsp
Annatto, ground – ¼ tsp
Brown rice flour – 50g

Whole wheat flour – 240g
Baking powder – 7g
Instant yeast – 2.5g
Iodized salt – pinch
Soy milk, unsweetened, lukewarm – 180g
Sesame paste (tahini) – 10g

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ufoshock says:

This looks sooo good! Thank you for the recipe!

Patrice Perkins says:

Looks amazing! Is that pumpkin or sweet potato?

Crystalmochi says:

I wan custard bunsss nowss 😍

imaniface says:

Looks so good! Want to try

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