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Here are some GO TO vegan recipes that are easy and delicious and healthy!

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LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE – https://youtu.be/7aaULRvQXcE?t=284

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Tara 2daG says:

I will try the vegan lasagna meal. Thank you for posting. Date Stamp: 02feb21

ISawYouMushroomHead says:

That green hair is the best! Thanks for all your info I appreciate you

caela levy says:

I found that I like tempeh better if I steamed it for 15 minutes before using. That seems to get rid of that bitter taste that I found displeasing.

Ella Smithyx says:

The content was knowledgable. I've been trying to research for a YouTube video like yours that teaches everything in this YouTube vid. 👍 👏Your explanation really is like the channel of this awesome health enthusiast Doctor Ethan. Dr's explanations are totally educational and I really learned a lot for exams. He is the most knowledgable med student in Europe and he talks about health symptoms.

I suggest you see his YT out and give the medical student a like! 👉 #DrEthanTips

Dana sandlin says:

Lasagne: add in eggplant or zucchini and top with nutritional yeast instead of breadcrumbs

SuzyQ says:

I like to eat kimchi with my sushi–not traditional but oh so yummy. Naw, I use brown basmati rice in my sushi with no problems. It's a rice paddle.

Ashley says:

I like how you don’t give up on foods you don’t like right away

blackrosenuk says:

Hyphens are so important… as is NOT watching your videos late at night when hungry… you make everything look so good!

Suz Q says:

The Buffalo Tempe is my favorite!💯

Mary Rose says:

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fiorillomark says:

Any one know how much lemon juice dried basil nuttritional yeast and garlic powder

billie day veerappa says:

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Sue Taylor says:

i and i'm sure many others will agree gluten is not healthy not knocking plant based just gluten ,,, i wish there were more options that are not so expensive 🙁

star goddess x says:

As an alternative when i make my lasanga i take the tofu & hummus & mash it up til creamy & add seasonings. A little easier IMO. Super yummy recipes btw!

Chicken Farm beats says:

Spinachs are toxic

Leslie Tufino says:

Steam the tempeh before using! It helps remove bitterness 🙂 makes a big difference in recipes!

Sarah Fernandez says:

Made the lasagna for dinner…WOW!! Thank you!! My husband and I are one week into eaten Vegan and that recipe was amazing!!

hope Cee says:

New subscriber …. Are you an Aquarius?

Geraldine Granado says:

I saw this guy make lasagna in a portable oven called Hot Logic. I got one because I am lazy. https://youtu.be/a6ExNw5g6Uw

Matt Tenn says:

So my story. Read rich dad poor dad and quit my job. Used all my money back to buy meat and rice. When that was done I had a dream that if I ate veggies food would come. Ate veggies and my family brought so much food. Been vegan ever since…. laters peeps

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