Homemade Vegetable Stock

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I’m sharing my easy homemade vegetable stock recipe!

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Manuel Seminario says:

Three things you shouldn't do (1) no onion peal, you don't want the taste of dirt in your stock . (2) no salt and pepper , unless you're going for a really condensed bitter stock (3) no leafy greens

Wendy Jones says:

Thanks for your video im going to do my own vegetable stock now

Abed Elkassih says:

Thank you for the info, this stock looks amazing and I am sure it will taste great, and just knowing there's no preservative is plus.

123 456 says:

Signs of the creator the expanding universe kindly see this video-https://youtu.be/ToJS0sD4zyc

Liya Petrosyan says:

Thank you! I made it today and I love it. The soups are next on the list.

Linda Peltier says:

can you use the vegetables again for another pot of broth?

RF Da Great says:

I don’t think I’ll be buying stock anymore. I’ll make my own. I don’t trust the workers in the supermarkets these days; or those from the plants. I recently bought to containers of vegetable stock where the seal was broken on the inside. Be careful out there folks.

Vardenis Pavardenis says:

can you be more natural?

Abha Varma says:

Thank you for the recipe.

Kierran Gavin says:

Another way to extract additional flavour would be to roast these vegetable parts first for 45 minutes to an hour on a low heat. You can just chop the entirety of the garlic head in half instead of crushing each individual clove and some dried shiitake mushrooms give a great umami boosting kick to the stock.

Ray Carlitos!5 says:

Imma give this a try. Just going to grab some things and be on my way

Amanda Yu says:

Thank you, nothing would be wasted and health

Emz cooltime says:

I will make dis stocks for my cooking

Mitchell Baker says:

Really succcinct

Dernci says:

Who’s here to make soup fan page edits. Just me? Ok

Dr Zaius says:

Love the idea of saving veggie scraps in the freezer for use in making stock. Thank you!

Fake Name says:

In my freezers lives an old Haribo box. Over the week it fills up with vegetable scraps and once it’s full its stock making time.

Kath hmm says:

where can I use vegetable stock po?

moakillz 808 says:

Just finished adding in all the vegetables and seasoning, I hope it turns out as good as yours 🙏🏽 see you in 3 hours lol

neelimam10 says:

Dont we need to wash the veggies?

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