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All your vegetarian favorites in one place!

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Rhiannon C says:

I keep getting confused at multiple points if I’m watching vegan, vegetarian or low carb meals 🤷‍♀️

Hodan Adan says:

This music will sounded like a if you're going to a nightclub dancing to house music

double doggo says:

You do realize we can eat dairy

Dezaray Stokes says:

Made my own zucchini ravioli yesterday night. With homemade cottage cheese as a substitute as well as parmesan on top instead of mozzarella. Was superb👍👌🎉💗 Amazing thanks for the recipe, even though I changed it up.

mahendra upadhyay says:

1. Vegetarian and Vegan aren't the same thing :/
2. At 2:47 they added " vegetarian parmesan " thinking vegetarians can't eat cheese and 2 seconds later at 2:49 they added an EGG. * BIGGEST FACEPALM *
( Just if someone doesn't know …. Vegetarians can eat milk , cheese , milk products etc but can't eat meat or egg or fish ( if u think fish isn't meat ) )
I hope it's clear ☺️😉

Melloweat says:

I really enjoyed all that sounds. It was very funny)))

Isabelle Keller says:

Why is every comment on this channel so super negative ? In german we say "Mimimi"

Kattra Kee says:

Why did you put an egg in a vegetarian pizza? An egg is not a vegetarian food it is an unborn chicken. 🤨🤨🤨🤨 and also in that other dish later on in the video eggs are not vegetarian food nor vegan food they are omnivore food meaning meat eaters, if you’re going to make a video you need to make it concise and correct. Do your homework. And egg is not vegetarian.😠

Manasaa.E Pragaspathy says:

Vegan is different from vegetarian. Vegetarians can have butter, ravioli, etc. But still, thanks for this video tasty!

Arohi J K 6C says:

tasty, vegetarian doesn't mean vegan!

Sim K says:

We vegetarians can have normal butter tho…also most all of u can't have egg so???

Ada Bailey says:

The pizza was pretty and all but who really wants their first bite to be onion? 🤷😬

Sohana Biswas says:

Wait a minute did they used eggs in cauliflower and called it vegetarian pizza????

Random person of Earth says:

For those who dont know

Vegetarians: Dont eat meat and avoid it animal based products are ok.
Vegans: Eat nothing that has to do with animals. Anything animals produced are animal based and stuff like that.

I want to be VEGETARIAN because its not bad to eat things animals produced and made. I just don't feel comfortable eating things that have feelings and are or once were living. I am not allowed to though. I do tons of research on this stuff. I am 11 and my parents don't like vegetarian stuff. They think that vegetarians are PICKY eaters. Not true. It just saves animals. Eat meat if you want… just not for me. 🙂

Roblox Jada says:

Vegetarian and Vegan are different Vegan dosn't eat or drink animals and Vegetarian don't eat meat

pooja patel says:

Why does my video keep on glitching and says cauliflower tacos like it’s part of the video! Any way great recipes! I love the zucchini ravioli! I tried it turned out great!

Jass B ꧂ says:

If I had a dollar for every time someone said something along the lines of “You’re not vegetarian. You eat eggs and milk.” or called me a vegan, I would be rich by now.

Pranav Bagur Jagadeesha says:

"Vegetarian Dinners and Desserts" but still uses eggs. It's like disobeying the title!

Katia Mesun says:

(don't mind me i'm just making a vegetarian food list)
1) zucchini ravioli (maybe)
2) cauliflower pizza (maybe but yes without the cauliflower)
3) baked ratatouille (hell na)
4) broccoli cheddar quiche (hell ya but without the broccoli)
5) cauliflower tacos (hell blah but maybe without the cauliflower)
6) cauliflower grilled cheese (this is insulting but yes to the grilled cheese that respects itself)

Andy21 says:

These are vegan not vegetarian. I can't make any of them.

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