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A lot of people seem to love Lush bath products, but how about Lush makeup? Watch me try some of their lipsticks, eye shadows and even more!

* This video is not sponsored by Lush, and these opinions are entirely my own. *

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x łtž Røxïe x says:

Fun Story :

When I was around 9 years old, I went to lush and got a brand new pink bath bomb that was covered in glitter. I picked it up, showed the lady in the shop, and she dropped it in a bucket of water to show me what it would look like. When it finished dissolving, she said, “When your finished with the bath bomb, any of the leftover glitter can be used as face glitter! You can put it on your face or your arms!” I was really excited.

About two weeks later, i accidentally knocked my bath bomb and it fell down the sink while I was washing my hands, so it obviously began to dissolve. I luckily got it out the sink before it dissolved completely, but it was still foaming when I put it on the side of the bath, meaning wet glitter was going everywhere where I had placed it.

Then about a week after that, I used my bath bomb, and when it finished dissolving, and my bath was all pink and glittery, there was some leftover wet glitter on the side of the bath from where I had dropped it in the sink a week before, then I remember what the lady said! About the fact I could use the glitter on my face! So, I scooped up some of the glitter, and started to put it on my face. It felt fine at the moment, but then I got this INCREASING THROBBING BURN all over my face. I screamed, my mom came in, we wiped the glitter off my face, and before I knew it, I had a red mark all over my face that little did I know I would have for 3-4 weeks…

So yeah, thats my lush bath bomb nightmare story-

Purple Person says:

I’m here in 2020 🤭🤫

Karisa Riley says:

I can across your YouTube page after years of watching you for a while ( I stoped watching her) then when she posted her most recent video for me she was reacting to her old videos and then it hit me it’s her! Btw I was looking for her 7supergirls April fools pranking vid and remembered that is got deleted or something anyway just wanted to share since jazzy is an amazing you tuber, person, maybe alien!

Salma Escobedo says:

Throwback from when jazzy didnt say “Welcome Back Snacks” i love her vids! <3

Zain A says:

you grew up sm

lucygricee says:

You’re like a younger version of Liza💕

Addison Reese says:

only the OG's remember when jazzy's room was lime green

Frederique Raats says:

Wth am I doing here

No says:

I like how people are saying this is ur new channel even tho this is your old channel.

heather grande says:

why did I not see this through my 2 years of being subscribed?

xlisi says:

Turn on subtitles for the intro,

hIs eYeS AusTrAiLiAn

Awkward Pickles are cool says:

The shiny things ain’t holo or holographic I mean no hate but go watch simply nailogical

StrawberryGummi says:

Time stamp for myself 5:20

jelia inchoco says:


Natalia Mohamed says:

“All that fun jazz” (this quote explains itself)

Rodo Lemontzis says:

my room is lime green! Idek y i felt the need to share that ; – ;

ThEy aRe mY cRoCs says:

I've been binge watching all of her videos and when she didn't say welcome back snacks I was caught off guard!

Julia Bebbington says:

She got a new perspective

I’m really sorry about my Panic! jokes

Kaila rocha says:

Jazzy: I mean like l’m not a Beauty guru *James Charles Ad pops up*

yumna ahmed says:

Whats that gold thing on the right wall

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