Vegan Food Shop | £100+ Low Waste, Organic & Local Grocery Haul

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Madeleine Olivia says:

Sorry had to reupload as some of you couldn't see the video! Make sure to pre-order my new ebook Plant Kitchen Comforts with 10% off AND if you pre-order before the release on the 1st of December, you will be entered into a giveaway to win a Nutribullet! Good luck!//

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Beatrice Serrano says:

Gosh do so good to see the two of u. U did really good in shopping. Do u still make videos on ur other channel? Love u both. I was vegan for 8 months and now I do vegan/ vegetarian. Depends on what meal I eat. U have inspired me to eat healthier and I will be vegan one day.

Cultivate Elevate says:

Organic hauls are the best 🙂 The nutrient composition between organic and non organic is a HUGE difference. Love what you found and keep it up!

Hayley Partington says:

So connected to your comment about joy of shopping. I really dislike shopping but after watching this realised I actually like shopping in small local family shops.
Will definitely be making more of an effort to shop small and local 👍

Lauren Temple says:

This is the way I wish I could shop if I didn't have such a tight budget to stick to. I make sure to buy from small business for Xmas presents though! ♥️

Cultivate Elevate says:

Love the haul <3 we always search for organic for the high nutrient content. Each day we add a little organic reishi mushroom into your coffee.

Bethany England says:

I absolutely love to watch people’s food shops vegan or not 🙂 it’s fab for ideas!

Emily Mae says:

Not a hate comment just generally interested, I was told organic uses animal manure and therefore isn't vegan? I might be wrong on that but just wondering your thoughts, is it like a lesser of two evils typa thing? Anyone else's thoughts welcome too x

Aileen Grist says:

Strange – I hate going physical shopping. We go to a farm shop once a week – mind you we only get off the property once a week as we're carers for my 99 year old mother-in-law. Other than that we buy from supermarkets every 2 or 3 weeks on line

Beth Nott says:

Hi love you do right buy what you won't I think you are both brilliant your meal look so good and yummy well done lots of love Karen x

Hayley Roffey says:

Love this x I'm going to go to more shops like this ur right i get excited going to small shops like this u can see they care more

The Clumsy Prepper says:

Food seems to be much cheaper in UK than in my part of Ireland. I would have to pay at least double for what you've got so you won't get any judgement from me.

Sharon Clifford says:

Do you buy nutritional yeast in bulk? This is goofy, but I’m unsure how to get a real cheesey taste. Thanks.

Amy says:

Yes girl 👏 boundaries are healthy

Fiona Duncan says:

Good for you!! ☺

Karen Hall says:

I love browsing through natural health food shops 😊

Camille says:

Given that you didn't say "we are going to make a 50gbp budget food haul" coming back with a 120gbp haul, there really shouldn't be any reason to get annoyed at anything! I love your haul. I can't afford what you buy, because food is more expensive in NZ that in England, but I love seeing what you got. It's like watching a house tour of a beautiful mansion, or someone's holiday in lapland in winter, it's nice to dream a bit. And also, why would anyone get annoyed at you when you have the means to do something good, like support small shops and organic food production!? Well done to the both of you, for maintaining a profitable business AND for using your money to do some good.

Betty and the Bees says:

Glad I'm not the only person who goes shopping for brocolli and beans and comes home with giant stash of cookies and chocolate!

JoZo 17 says:

I live in fal and I’m a student and I do a lot of my shopping like in this video and when you choose the right things you can really limit your spending and still enjoy organic and package free food!

Lauren Levine says:

I love this so much! Always good to endorse low waste, organic and local produce and shopping 🙂 i would love to see you try to do low waste on budget bc I'm currently at uni and I try to make it my lifestyle but its quite hard going at times

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