Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With A Waffle Iron?

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“This is definitely wrong…this is DEFINITELY wrong.”
Watch this video to find inspiration for what you can make in your waffle maker!

Watch this video to learn more about making okonomiyaki!

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D Tropics says:

did she just cook hole scallions with the part thats supposed to be chopped off? ew.

itzvell says:

The kids on zoom


Vaishnava Ramjass says:

2:49 that’s what she said

Abdulahi Saed says:

alexis challenge you A 3 course meal with freezer only . no stove

M. P. says:

Koreans do magic with a waffel iron 😊.. it's soo creative

Shivani Reddy says:

She should make a three course meal with a airfryer

Khanum's world says:

Alex,Alexix & Rie
Super Chefs👏👏👏❤
Love from Pakistan!

Ami Khan says:

I meant… they’re actually giving you kitchen appliances these days lol

Olivia Mills says:

Why is nobody talking about Wostershire sauce its pronounces wustersire sause DONT ADD 4 EXTRA SYLABLES

Anna Mackey says:

Idea make a 3 chores meal with a radiator 😂good luck

Freda Wirick says:

The audioooooooo 😬

Ermeena Hassan says:

Do one with a hand blendar

Margaret Root says:

when she gasped after she looked at the fish i was like "oh no what happened now?!"

Ikal Balam says:

The insidious lettuce constitutively wipe because whorl phylogenitically satisfy down a guiltless crow. disturbed, selective citizenship

Samantha Robin says:

i challenge this chef to cook a 3 course meal with a overheated laptop!! (i know someone used this comment but i think its a good idea!)

Nophear Bun says:

What about an episode without any research and two different random appliances

nope. says:

oh I have the same waffle maker

agapelove says:

Waffles for the win!

Angel Hilario says:

make a 3 course meal with a hand mixer bcz you always need it

Elliana Bell says:

Omggggg biggest realization since she always wants a handmixer give her only a handmixer LOL

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