Gordon Ramsay's Guide To Pasta | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some wonderfully delicious guides to pasta!

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit ‚Äì http://po.st/REpVfP

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Poppinsmannered says:

No Italian would put oil in the boiling water, or ricotta and herbs in the dough, or fry the gnocchi. Apart from that, it might taste good

mievfishsong says:

somebody touched my

Andy S says:

This many people have cooked during quarantine because of this great man.

Arisha Khan says:

Ingredients, please

Tony D says:

Paasta? It’s pasta!

Connor Whelan says:

Speaking from experience when I went to Italy. That squid ink pasta is AMAZING. nothing I’ve had comes close

Bianca Di Domenico says:

Qua non ci sono italiani… ci penso io;)

Rasoi says:

white beans and beef mince
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Mia Veranika says:

Hahaha he look like Clint

I Don't Know Fishing says:

A substitute for peas?

Mr.Taylor says:

Ma c cazz sta cumbinann chist

Max Mustermann says:

Ein Vogel… denke er kann kochen 👎 ein Möchtegern.

M says:

The best 👩‍🍳 chef 🙏 thanks 😊

Dinkus says:

But is it masterchef level?

Simple Italian Cooking says:

Great selection of those hundreds of pasta types in Italy!!

Red little says:

Did he just say flour the knife 😂😂

Brach Radcliffe says:

everything to gorden is easy to cook

Jimi Hendrix says:

If an ENGLISH wanted to tell me something about pasta …
SHAME !! Every KID nows that in Pasta are NO FUCKING EGGS OMG !!

Jimi Hendrix says:

Oh my god

FLOUR for pasta …
one takes WHEAT semolina
Where did you get your "experts" from ????

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