Gordon Ramsay's Quick & Simple Lunch Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay shows off some quick and easy lunches to do while at home.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit ‚Äì http://po.st/REpVfP

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Cherry Kamino says:

Grapefruit be like >:D

Ryan Hannigan says:

The impartial quiver reversely trick because condition interstingly soak round a gray greasy great newsstand. dapper, grotesque party

clutch the cinnamon sergal says:


Andy Crampton says:

Because of this guy and the fact I follow how to do it down to the letter I have had so many dishes and cooked for at the time partner not had to pay exspencive prices by eating out saving the money to spend on my and my kids ans they eat top food this guy is a pro and his food it tops

Alexander Uber says:

Bet money I can cook you the best vegetarian meal you ever had

Hasna Mitu says:

1st slice of fruit looks like angry person

BieKevin says:

that soup is thiccc

zain m. says:

The cutting limon technique in the Begining is The same of selena and chef season 2

Miri M says:

How heavenly would it be to eat his food every day? (#^ u ^#)

InfamousDBZ says:

omg i hate this channel

Callum Thomas says:

I’ve never seen a bloke who loves his olive oil as much as Gordon. Fair play.

Mihaela Dulic says:

I'm not really into that tomato soup. it's okay to season it and put some oil or something special like pine nuts… I'm not a cheese person if you get me. I don't use cheese even on pizza. But it's a cool idea to roast tomato first with onions for extra flavour.

Saliacha says:

No wonder I'm so thin! 😂😂

Emily Grace says:

Sometimes I put this channel on and just let it run in the background while I'm working. Something about his voice and how he talks about food – so calming. And I always learn something too! Can't hurt to be hearing that all day – at some point, you're bound to internalize his wisdom.

Emily Grace says:

Hold up! With the cherry tomatoes, at 16:00… did he use thyme? What is the herb he used for that watercress salad?

Emily Grace says:

When he says, "put it into the oven on 180…" does he mean celsius? That would make more sense for those of us Americans on the Farenheit scale, which would put us roughly at 350 on the oven.

Rachel P says:

Fun Fact : the original Cesar salad dressing was actually made with anchovies and raw eggs , etc.

Brianne Griffin says:

Gordon talking bout fish fresh out of the sea.
Me – I live in KY

Amina Patel says:

Please speak little slow. And give ingredients

Vervito United says:

Gordon: "Or Get yourself a Stick Blender"

Me: "bruh, don't you know that doesn't exi…..tf 😳"

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