How To Meal Prep 12 Easy Vegan Recipes In 90 Minutes For A Beginner

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Dumi J Thabethe says:

Oh my word I absolutely love this lady Tab I need to see more of her…I like how she talks, personality and sense of humour:)

Tash Henry says:

I love Tabitha Brown! More videos of her please 💕

Eryn Murphy says:

Bring Tab backkkkk

Robin Utley says:

Keep Tab coming!

Angela Rena & Company says:

Very inspirational!

KueenBeeLashes says:

I loved this video

hishighness31 says:

Did Tabitha just smooth talk me into trying veganism?! My daughters have been on me for years about doing it. She makes it seem so simple. I love her!!! Omg!!!

ericad919 says:

She’s the bomb! I’m so inspired. Bring her back👍😁

MarieLouiseMusic says:

I love Tabitha, coz that’s my business. 💜💜

Jade Beige says:

Are the chick peas canned or dry?

Jessica Santiago says:

I love tabitha, she’s the real deal when it comes to cooking oh yeah!!

Betty Johnson says:

I'm going vegan two days a week. I hope to have enough flavorful recipes ro do a 50/50 split by spring

Yasmeen Jordan says:

Y'all, bring Tab back to the room! Expeditiously!!

Wander to Wonder says:

I freaking love Tabitha Brown.

celest prodon says:

What if we cannot use red wine or any wine what do we substitute the liquid

Diamond Reed says:

Bring tabitha back in the room pls

Jessie Daniel says:

I just found Tabitha and can't get enough of her!

Crys Jackson says:

Bring Tab back to the room!

Denise Hill says:

I support Tabitha producing a vegan meal prep cook book. Please – Please – Please America need it and I do too…😉🙏🏾

Denise Hill says:

Yummy, 😋 please bring Tabitha back for Vegan meal preparations, and keep her on infinitely!! ThanksTabitha, we all really like your style 🤗🙏🏾

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