Jamie's Perfect Roast Potatoes

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Roll up roll up – this is Jamie Oliver’s favourite roast potato recipe, and soon it will be yours too! Showing you a variety of fats to use, fantastic flavours for seasoning, and his top cooking tips – your crunchy, golden roasties will reign supreme this Christmas!

What do you think makes the perfect roast potato? Do you have any top tips or flavour combinations we should try? We’d love to hear your ideas so get involved in the comments box below!
Jamie’s Christmas with Bells on first aired on Channel 4 in 2011.

Check out the video that inspired Jamie’s best roast potatoes recipe, which you can find in Jamie’s Christmas Cookbook: https://jamieol.com/QjKEEs

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GF – This is a Gluten-Free recipe


After Hours says:

Been doing them once a month with a nice protein like chicken or a roast, veggies and gravy and it's the perfect meal from kids to grandparents. Thanks Jamie

Eggers Cc says:

Add cooking salt to the water for some more flavours throughout

Jeff Hein says:

A good tip for saving $. When cooking potatoes, save the cooking water for making soups…like you might save pasta water for adding to pasta sauce. Use potato cooking water as stock in soups and stews. You can throw in a bouillon cube. It adds a delicious creamy, slightly thicker texture and “je ne sais quoi” flavour. My Mom (born in 1932) taught me this. I feel that it is something that we have forgotten over the years, as we have forgotten how to cook more economically.

david mack says:

i've made this 10 times.. scrumpous!!!

Lylia Gaming says:

Semangat bang

Tim G says:

No salt or pepper???

Benji's Food says:

These look great

Awaken dabeast says:

Most of your vids you leave peel on the garlic?

yuan581 says:

What kind of vinegar he was using?

özlem kibrisli says:

how can i follow him on tiktok

Jani Peternelj says:

is it simple to copy from a master Heston and not make it ?

W Craig Burns says:

My mum's Aunt Annie was employed in service in the kitchen of the big house in Ireland .
On her first day she said

Is it up the ducks arse I shove the green peas

No no no Annie said the lady of the house
It's no Mam …yes Mam …Mam if you please

Oi see sorry Mam says Annie

Would you like to try again says mlady

Yes says Annie
Yes Mam no Mam ….Mam if you please is it up the ducks arse I stick the green peas

Nicholas Siew says:

I make these when I can during the holidays; even just olive oil and garlic makes for a wonderful potato.

Dhiren A says:


Mogomotsi M Mogapi says:

I am trying his for my family lunch- thank you Mr Oliver- Ill tell you how it goes

tia chetty says:

Hi just need to know how long should i roast a boneless leg of lamb in a oven with a fan ?
Instructions say 25 mins for every 500 g.
Weight of the leg of lamb is 1,176 kg .

Heidi Mueller says:

You don’t peel the garlic?

Shahin Kalhori says:

Best roast potatoes ever. I do this at least once a month, and I always forget how to do it so I probably watched this video 100 times 😂

Des Scamell says:

Garlic no!!!!

Wells Tyiebbe says:

Making this on Friday with steak

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