Garlic Soup Italian style with crispy croutons

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I know what you’re thinking, two heads of garlic, are you crazy! You can relax as the slow cooking of the garlic will dissipate the pungent flavor and leave a pleasing smooth note. This soup really has to be served with croutons or a slice of bruschetta, plus some coarsely chopped parsley for that freshness. A simple soup with amazing flavor and fantastic if you have a cold!

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Minecraft LVFM says:

Romantic soup

Mouloud Adjroud says:

وصفت الحساء هذه ايها الايطالي تناولها انت لاني انا بالذات لي وصفات الحساء الخاصة بي…

bm e says:

Such a romantic recipe videos. No one could cooking as my hobby, but you will do it. ❤️😘

Sreeda Um says:

Is this the food version of Ross's cousin?

Arni Kitsune says:

What is that cream?

Vishwanath Mayya says:

Just now prepared the soup for lunch.. Its Yummy..

Rish Iris says:

Yam yam yam😋😋😋

chaitanya k says:

Today i saw the vedio today im thinking to eat

Rose Ramos says:

Porque seu vidios nao chegua pra mem

Rose Ramos says:

Que saudade,aonde vc estava

Swarina Palkar says:

So good I am going to try this one !😍

Jacques Mertens says:

Looks delicious. But the recipe seems 100% French and certainly not Italian.

Alichino Calcabrina says:

what you mean for "cream"?

Thara Punnaivanam says:

We dont get leeks, thyme and parsley in India

D's Oven says:

Amazing recipie..

Lucy Luffy says:

Can this soup be made without leek? or is there any alternative for it?

Ani CANAJ says:

This is amazing😍

Mohamed Jahangir says:

Wow really attractive yummy 😋,I am going try

Chun2x Māru says:

The dislikes came from Dracula and the other vampires…😑😑😑

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