Gordon Ramsay Makes Quick & Easy Bangers & Mash | Ramsay in 10

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Gordon’s back at home this week cooking a British Classic, Bangers and Mash, trying to achieve it in under 10 minutes…but will he do it??? This week he’ll also show you how to make a delicious mashed potatoes without any butter! If you enjoy Ramsay in 10, be sure to post your recipes on Instagram and Twitter and tag Gordon. Who knows….he may even post it!

Full Recipe here: https://www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/bangers-and-mash-in-10-minutes/


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Jack Grimley says:

Looks good and some uaeful tips but didn't you fail the task by not conpleting it in ten minutes.

obelix244 says:

I get the oil thing, ive done that too, when i was out of butter. Maybe he forgot to buy it. But why no milk. did he run out of that too? It looks dry. Or dont english ppl use milk in mash?

Infaereld Mainard says:

All the Americans here who can't fathom a good pisstake…

Irmie Eichner says:

So much disrespect for the man who taught her how to cook.

Ornate Tarantulas says:

The cat: it's RAWWWW

Kristen Catherine says:

Awe pandemic Tillie forced to help her dad continue content, but also has adapted to her dads attitude, so it’s comfortable. So pure LOL

蛋與妹妹的生活扎記 says:

Awwww, that little sweet Frenchie

Kevin Regan says:

🤦‍♂️Talks shit for the first 5mins , just cook the fking potatoes already

Sandy Stamps says:

Why do you boil the water before adding the potatoes? I use butter and milk in my mashed potatoes using an electric mixer. Amazing cooking! Who cleans the kitchen when you are done cooking? 😂

Sheila Moore says:

Love it! But you need baked beans with the bangers and mash.

Alex Major says:

They should do one episode where Tilly does the cooking of a dish of her choice and Gordon films. DAD PAN DOWN

Ray Ferrick says:

Love the Ramsey family dynamics.

Jeff H says:

One day if he stops yelling "pan down!" , he may finish a 10 minute challenge. Matilda is very patient. Lol

Jose Estrada says:

my favorite part is you yelling at your kids "pan down!!!" Reminds me of helping my dad work on his car when I was a kid. This family guy side of you and your family is adorable.

whorunewayz1 says:

Cannot stand listening to her argue with him. Seems she can’t do her job without bitching at him. She’s detracting from the enjoyment of watching him cook.

Darklord666123 says:

I wonder how much use that microwave gets….

natesk804 says:

That girl who's always talking is a disrespectful annoying shit.

-Pan down!
-I can see!
-The customers need to see!
-They can!

Watch again, kid, no we can't. This is not the only example. Nothing more annoying than a kid who sucks at taking directions.

Donkey Balls says:

What a fun house.

Angel Michael says:

That f** towel is damn all purpose.. Wipe out the burner, cleaning, dry out gordons sweat touches the food, wipe the spoon and into his wifes mouth… See… Its all about the towel..

AJ Bautista says:

i love how he calls it lea & perrins and not worcestershire sauce LOL

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