How supermarkets invent vegan meals | Supermarket Secrets – BBC

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Look at how the supermarkets fight to be the first with the latest food fashions. Gregg joins Tesco’s head of plant innovation as he invents new vegan meals that he claims will taste like meat.

Supermarket Secrets is going behind the scenes again to reveal how the supermarkets are using the latest technology and science to bring us our food. In this series, Gregg Wallace and consumer journalist Nikki Fox discover how much the internet is transforming the way we shop and the food in our trolleys.

Supermarket Secrets | Series 3 Episode 1 | BBC

#veganfood #plantbased

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girlsdrinkfeck says:

sorry vegns vut nushroom isnt a plant its a fungus, fungus is closrr to animl than plant , fail !!!!!!

Sebastian 2213 says:

It’s more of an animal rights movement rather than a trend

Richard Lewis says:

I like how creative and playful the process is.

Ines Boza says:

Why are all the comments dissing on this video. Yes its not perfect but holy moly what a change in attitude amongst TV personalities etc…. Love this

Lewis Wise says:

I'm the same as Gregg, I could never give up meat altogether, but I do still think it's important to incorporate more plant-based foods into my diet.

Kerrie McBride says:

Can't they use an industrial-sized panini press to compress the mushrooms?

Lewis Gospel says:

stop being a chicken

Pqrst Zxerty says:

Veganism – to save money 🤣🤣🤣

Wally Bazoom says:

Reputation to uphold? Is that the reputation of a barrow boy who enjoys scoffing desserts, or that of a bloke who punches people at his own party to 'defend' his girlfriends less than half his age??? What an absolute plank. How this guy stays on tv is beyond me.

Karen Lamb says:

No one gets healthier by eating "food" we can't digest. I am a recovering raw plant based dummy. My intelligence is returning as I left that lie far behind thirteen months ago

alex dalton says:

Being vegan isn't a trend

khasyah khusairi says:

hello mr chicken RENDANG CRISPY

Sashaa says:

Eating vegetables makes me shit a lot. Eating meat, makes me normal. Vegans do more damage to the environment, shipping their precious fruits and vegetables from all around the world. People never use to eat fruit and vegetables year round. It was primarily animal products. Veganism only came around because of refrigeration. Funny how they try to replicate meat in their recipes.

Billy Buttlord says:

It looks tasty but unfortunately it's still a low protein meal.

Cutequeen says:

I hate mushrooms
and my brother is alergic to quorn

i dont think this will work for everyone

Anar84 76 says:

Veganism is a cult.dont get malnourished,eat animals.

Lili Anka says:

Lmao why didn't he mention "saving the environment" when he was listing the benefits … It's one of the biggest reasons

nothing lastsforever says:

Why does this fraud constantly getting invitations to be on different kind of shows? Is there any good chef left in the UK?
Impossible to believe someone with this kind of poor presentation and insights can be on BBC..

Englishbus77 says:

Thank you very much for the correct subtitles…

Cje says:

It's refreshing to have a guy on TV who isn't an overwhelming personality, that vegan guy who so chill and mature.

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