How to Make Tea Sandwiches

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How to Make Tea Sandwiches

Full Recipe:

So here’s the step by step for making a proper assortment of tea sandwiches. These are so simple to make but really delicious. If I’m missing your favorite let me know in the comments!

If you really want the complete package you can get the recipe for classic scones here:


[uhn-nohn] says:

crunch up the shell on your boiled eggs and soak them in Lapsang Souchong tea overnight, remove the shells and make your egg salad, gives it a nice smoky flaver, I finish off my edges with chopped chives usualy or parsley or a combination, nice to create a roll.

Alan von Au***** says:

I love tea sandwiches, and really miss that English tradition. Thanks for bringing back to me good food memories! I would add to your assortment sandwiches with pâté or rillette.

Girl Sage says:

Question: how to shred chicken breast?

Pruz Zilla says:

I want a sandwich now…

John Ohara says:

If you really think that chicken salad with cranberries is a classic English 'Tea Sandwich' , you have no idea of what a classic traditional English tea /sandwiche consists of !!!

yousra يسرا says:

You have my best regards and all the best to you, O Lord ..

Lulubell jingles * says:

The ham salad sandwiches I would love to have a recipe.

a lindley says:

And if this show were called "PreppER Kitchen", instead of "PreppY Kitchen", then this gentleman would be showing us how to make traditional tea sandwiches ….and then how to freeze-dry and store a year's supply of the tea sandwiches in vacuum-packed, sterile plastic bags, packed in sealable, watertight, giant tupperware plastic bins, to stash in our "bugout location", to feed on for months, as our "survival rations", in case of the end of Civilization As We Know It….

….What I'd really like to see on youtube would be a discussion panel consisting of this Preppy Kitchen Chef, news commentator Amy Walter, actor Tim Chalumet, the somewhat beefier actor who played the guy Jo marries in Little Women, actress Liu Yifei, U.S, security industry dissident Edward Snowden, and medical technician Johnny Cashmere, plus the actor who played King George in the broadway musical "Hamilton", along with a selection of K-Pop actors and icons from popular Asian TV shows and youtube channels of all kinds, and that Jewish kid from Seattle, was his name Avi Shiffman?, who made the Covid data-tracking website and talked about it on Democracy Now, along with actor Harry Shum from Glee, the actress who played the blond cheerleader from Glee, and the actors who starred in the highly entertaining movie, "I Am Number Four", was one of them named Pettifer?…all chatting together about the Issues of the Day…while snacking on plates of freeze dried prepper-suitable tea sandwiches…. It would be surreal, to say the least, like the tea party from Alice in Wonderland! (Now, you all be kind to that dormouse!)

Lee bearrat says:

OMG I could not listen to him. Croacking…big time!

zwerina56 says:

Try creamed horseradish with the mashed egg – my favourite.

Cecilia Fanjul says:

Por favor, necesitamos subtítulos en español!! Gracias 🙏🏼❤️

Jack Lee says:

Uh…..that salmon sandwich was so Wasteful!!

Jack Lee says:

Soooo, wtf didnt u cut the crust off first?

MrCornerMan says:

i like earl gray myself

Mary Grace says:

These are so cute

Susan Kerr says:


M. R. says:

Sand. appear to be made bulky? Thought they needed to be thin to qualify as Tea Sand.
Still looks good to eat tho 😊

Vahne B says:

Yum, I had to watch this again to refresh what you did. Glorious presentation.

Brock Reynolds says:

I make egg salad with cottage cheese, mustard, ranch dressing, and black pepper. Delicious. Also, that vidalia chop wizard make quick work of egg salad.

Astrix 92 says:

is dried cranberries okay?

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