HUGE VEGAN GROCERY HAUL | farmers market + pantry goods

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Here’s my summer vegan grocery haul, including tips + recipes on how to use all these ingredients! Check out Thrive Market and get up to $20 Shopping Credit when you join. Offer expires 7/31

Smashed Cucumber Salad:
Avocado Pea Gazpacho:
Raspberry Crumble Bars:
Blackberry Galette:
Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich:
Charred Corn Salad:
Crispy Sesame Tofu & Mushroom Lettuce Wraps:
No-Bake Cookie Dough Bars:
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*Recipes from my cookbook mentioned in this video*

Ratatouille (page 173)
Classic Creamy Polenta (page 123)
Peach Raspberry Crisp (page 307)

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Rainbow Plant Life says:

Now that you’ve seen some of my current favorite groceries, what is the one grocery item you’re loving at the moment?

Stef 305 says:

Your videos are so good… and funny, and informative…thanks!


I “grill” my fresh corn with the air fryer lid that I got for my instant pot. I like the Mealthy brand lid even better than the IP brand lid.

Deborah Bergen says:

I love you !
I don’t love Thrive Market!
Out of no where they took almost $300 out of my account. I never received any groceries ! Along with that they took the yearly amount out , they refuse to make it right!
Our home burned in the Ca. Fires. So it was not a good time to rip me off!
Sorry guys. I’m having a hard time letting this one go !!
Great video 🥗💪💜

Centered Gabe says:

And I’ve never been to my local farmers market. That changes Sunday 😜

Sophie Oshaughnessy says:

That’s a big haul for one week!!!!

Linaka S. says:

If Thrive Market starts mailing to military bases, we will order. Most other online stores and individuals do mail here from US and internationally, so hopefully they will also. We are isolated and unable to travel so we all (about 1600 to 1800) US citizens order so much online. Love your videos and recipes.

Lauren Pool says:

Hands down the best grocery haul video I've seen. I really appreciated the varied meal ideas you gave based on each ingredient. Thanks so much!

Vivian Rios says:

It is so awesome to buy fresh vegetables!! I feel like buying Health. 🤗🙏🏼❤️

Tamás Koppányi says:

That fridge looks bigger than my bathroom :O

Mark White says:

I don’t know if it’s the content, or the video production or her calming voice but I’m hooked, subscribed

Manuela Christina says:

I love your channel and your lovely voice. Could listen hours to you 😍
And your meals are mouthwatering 🤤😋

But It's Vegan says:

Zucchini bread 😋😋😋 on my way to the store to get everything now! Thanks for the idea.

Shelley Picott says:

Loved the grocery haul….but definitely loved when you said, "it is five o'clock somewhere…."

Steph the Mess says:

Ah! Just randomly came upon this video and I have to say YOUR VOICE! It’s so cute and cozy! Makes it feel like you’re an older sister giving me advice about what foods to eat and whatnot. Thank you for this! I love seeing grocery hauls!

Mrs. 1776 says:

I've never had a meal better than the plant based meals I've had.

DelMonteFresh says:

Everything looks so fresh and delish!

Kimberly Gordon says:

what is the green sauce recipe that you show in the video? Looks so good!

Aileen Carrera says:

I loved how you opened up all your snacks right there and then

Every Healthy Bite says:

Great variety! I also got cherries this weekend. The perfect afternoon snack! 🙂

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