I Made the Perfect VEGAN SCHNITZEL | This Vegan Fried Chicken Will BLOW YOUR MIND

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In today’s video I’m sharing the perfect vegan schnitzel recipe that will have you going back for seconds. Using my seitan recipe, this vegan fried chicken is not only easy to make, but perfect for dinners when you’re trying to satisfy that craving. You won’t want to miss this!

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Christ Hone says:

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Robert Edlmayer says:

OMG schnitzel is not german it is AUSTRIAN 😉😉

erin getsinger says:

Can you do a visual of the texture/ fibers? I really like to see that win seitan.

Elise Wilkosky says:

“ if you have a stand mixer get it because you’re gonna need it” get it. Knead it 😂😂

Anita K says:

This looks so yummy I want to make this week!! Not waiting till Octoberfest for beer and schnitzel!! 😂🌱💚

Jaishema James says:

How excellent… vegetarian menus

Jaishema James says:

These vegetarian menus are great ..plus I like her personality..

Soflax B says:

I just found out about your video and this recipe. I had to try it right away. It is in the oven as i type this and i can't wait to taste it ! For the first time i wanted to taste the seitan dough uncooked because it smelled so so good. Thank you for making awesome video of delicious vegan food, good for us and the planet <3

Rich says:

Lost it when you put the nooch in instead of the tahini. Hahaha.

m. taylor says:

So many vegan dishes have seitan but I cannot handle it, so I always have to substitute with tofu or a chickpea flour with xanthan gum. Gluten is too sticky to digest.

Martha Arredondo says:

OMG! Amazing!!

Body Of A Legend says:

I’d like to promote the benefits of a plant based diet on my YouTube channel one day. This is great learning for me! Thanks 👍

Margaret B says:

Great, I was just thinking about making a vegan seitan Schnitzel for my fam and this recipe seems great!
What I always have a problem with is the chicken-flavourde bullions…I have no access to such products and ordering on Amazon is just not worth it :/ Do you think these would still be tasty when using veg stock and poultry seasoning?
Anyways, sending you lots of love!
Stay safe and have a great 2021 ahead!

J k says:

Please make veggie grill restaurant recipes. I'm from India and I don't have access to that deliciousness

Ella L. says:

Yum! Looks awesome; definitely gonna try it 😋

Where I come from (Austria), we usually eat it with fries & ketchup, potato salad or potatoes (boiled & peeled) fried in a little bit of butter with some fresh parsley 😊

Thank you (and your team!) for all the videos and hard work – wünsche euch ein frohes neues Jahr und alles Gute ❤

Mikowacomet says:

Vegetarianism is a eating disorder

mecajoenlozdizlike says:

I'm a fan

Lis.H says:

Nice!!! How did your mom make it? Did she bake it? I just can't do fried foods lol.

Irene Schuurman says:

This looks so good! Definitely will be on my cook list for 2021! Maybe I will already try it next week once I got the chicken-less broth powder and chicken spices

shaylauren says:

needed this tysm!!!

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