veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | how to make hyderabadi biryani

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veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | hyderabadi biryani with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular spice and vegetables mixed favoured rice dish which is typically prepared by layering the biryani gravy and basmati rice in flat bottom vessel. traditionally the dum biryani is prepared with mix of meat, vegetables and rice, however this a vegetarian alternative with only vegetables.

veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | hyderabadi biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several variation and varieties to the biryani recipes which changes with the region and community. but the hyderabadi dum biryani is the most popular recipe and widely appreciated. it is generally served as primary dish in a meal and is often served with choice of raita and mirchi ka salan.


Positive Attitude says:

Great recipe, clean, no nonsense video. Thank you so much! For spices, if i may share my varient, i also add mace, stone flower and onion seeds in addition. Best Regards.

sarvani raja’s vlogs in USA says:

Amazing recipe
I tried it for the first time and it was yum

Susha Ramachandran says:

Yummy recipe ,beautifully presented.Thanx for sharing

P. singh D says:

Enjoy food.. n bycott halal

Ashwini Ashu says:

I tried this one ❤️best ever Biriyani

Suryaprakash singh rajput says:

Aaj try kiya maine bhi ye dish. Bahut shandaar taste rha. Sanbe khub enjoy kiya and taarif bhi ki. Thanks Mam…🙂🙂🙂

Balija Kitchen says:

Great recipes will try them!

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Ram Kumar Jain says:

Thanks hebbar's crew and chef ❤️
Learned a lot from you guys over the years . 👍

Tamil Azhahan says:

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kaushalya C says:

Looks yummy

Mahi. Eshwari says:

I prepared today it was delicious

Palak Shah says:

I tried this recipe today and it turned out so well…..biriyani tasted so good….I loved this receipe✌👍

chefBobbygeetha says:

wow amazing simple and easy recipe … just made a Tandoori chicken Biriyani

ÀBDÛL Khan says:

The way she ads masala I just like it

Swathi Damodaran says:

How many people will it serve

Neelam Kapila says:

It came out really well and yummy… Thanks for the recipe..🙏

Sadhana Singh says:

I tried it today and it was yummm. Thanks hebbars kitchen

bhavana grandhi says:

I suggest to full boil the rice before layering the rice.

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