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this is my new and improved Vegan Katsu Curry recipe!!!





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Lidia Kucharski says:

Looks so yummy 😋… I love the bloopers and the effects, you have an incredible crew all so talented 👏

Shantel Davis says:

I really like the t-shirt

Mike M. says:

Hey Bro, let me know if you’re coming to Miami soon!

Deborah Laukaitis says:

Tom’s a babeeee 😍

Monica Leoni says:

Done today: simply fantastic !!! Smell and taste amazing !!! Thank you so much😄🧡

Tove Blomqvist says:

This looks ✨A M A Z I N G✨
Making me hungry while I’m eating

Pascal Suffersforart says:

i kinda not get why u put so much effort into making it crispy and then dunk it with sauce

babygirl 08 says:

Made this and came out absolutely amazing! ❤️

Rick Doggett says:

Thanks for this recipe. I can taste it already. Making this for Superbowl Sunday. Got all the ingredients. Ready to Rock!

Joey Jojo says:

I cooked this last night and it's hands down the best dinner I've ever cooked! Thanks Gaz! Love your channel! 🙏🤩👍

Kathleen Rajcumar says:

My son in NY just made the Katsu curry and tofu its so delicious. Thanks Gaz your vegan dishes are all so amazingly delicious ♥️👍

Anne Someone says:

That curry block is THE BEST. I discovered my asian food store sold it about two years ago, I've had so so many of them since then 😂😂 can never get tired of iy

swjr1228 says:

Do all British people eat curry with a fork because that was painful to see😂

lorena mendoza castellon says:

Worth every minute of meal prep!

Michaël K says:

Tempeh works brilliantly as katsu, much much better than tofu I promise! My girlfriend is making some over in the kitchen right now as I'm typing this lol

Anastas Tarpanov says:

Cooking OK, but plating and tasting was a little bit too much to watch it, I want to try it also 🙂

cocoubiz says:

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Cozy Hoodie says:

Imagine being part of his crew, always getting a taste of this delicious looking food😍😍

Pablo Tejeda says:

absolutely mad bugga

onehanded gamer55 says:

Can u do a video on how to do a vegan hot pot

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