Vegan isolation pledge (Rambling)

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Rich says:

Yes, when the ex was feeling particularly fanatical we'd have to sit at isolated tables in restaurants.πŸ™„

Gypsy Moon says:

I never understood people who went to buffets and got a big plate of salad first. You’re gonna fill up on salad when they’re is so many other options?!?!?

Amber Amos says:

Next thing u know there will be a big camp where vegans can go so they dont have to live around nasty little meat eaters lol

versatec1 says:

Hench herbivore is allways hungry and the size of his meals are phenomenal!!

Buddy_Weiser says:

I wonder what vegans would say if we said we was agents fruits and vegetables and instead we made mock fruits and veg to replace the real thing lol πŸ˜πŸ˜…
You know like they do with meat πŸ₯©πŸ₯©πŸ–πŸ₯“

carynis1hotassgirl says:

I was lmao when you said they started asking you could they have some of your fruit because you basically had it all! Omfg LMAO…so funny.

Lilo_ says:

This liberation pledge is creepy and a step further into cult mentality. I thought it was a joke, but there's a website for it… and those who take the pledge wear a "fork bracelet" as a symbol… πŸ‘€

Thunder_Gurl says:

A friend of mine from school was in the Jehovah's witness (well, her parents anyway). They had isolation as a tool to keep them in slavery too…. If a vegan never sees meat and never hears that it's not normal to feel like you're dying every hour of the day, then the vegan will be a nice obedient slave.

Zombie Mukbang says:

I have a few reali life vegan friends… not the wierdo psycho youtube vegans but normal people who I can hang out with and I eat animal stuff and they eat grain shit and we do fine because they arent total idiots they know they would have no friends at all if they did that.. not even because of the food.. mostly because they are anitisocial depessed and annoying and im jolly and mellow and love them anyway and try not to make everything about food. this pledge will just lose people from their cult

MdoubleHB says:

humans are not frugivores
cooked food is healthy
Viruses do exist
There is a pandemic
Vaccines are safe
Knowledge and proper education help a lot

jub8891 says:

vegan isolation could be a title of a horror game

mueslirapperin says:

I would have hated this even as a hardcore vegan, because it would have meant giving up all my family and friends.

Anuj Ingle says:

A 6feet 5 inches body on vegan diet it's miraculous

god bless says:

Is a pescatarian diet healthy? (:

s r says:

Where I live lockdown has been almost a year. Isolation as a way of life. It's really getting me down. People aren't suppose to isolate. Its really freakin sick. Why am I not surprised vegan influencers are calling for self-isolation to maintain their purity?.

Helena Handkart says:

Open & shut cult.

Rusty Nickels says:

They should isolate from the internet because there are videos of people cooking and eating non-vegan meals all over the place.

kikolandzik says:

My comment gone…
I just said veganism is like judaism, islam and amish district. They all live in their community

Auzvider z says:

Damn vegans are just like Jehovah's witnesses isolating from the rest.

Almost Vegan says:

Perhaps the real reason behind the pledge is to isolate vegans from animal foods that might challenge their resolve to stay vegan. πŸ€”

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