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Martha shares her recipe for basic vegetable stock with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and herbs.

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Einstein Darwin says:

Love you Martha alway and forever!

Mace Windu says:

this camera filter 😀 soft edges 220%

Isaiah Cayatineto says:

Mmmm love this recipe

anitha balla says:

Love it! Thankyou for the recipe

C B says:

This is about the only Stalk advice she'll be sharing, lest she fancies a trip back to sing sing

michael hinton says:

Martha is a G…streets love her

TheIntJuggler says:

Such a calming personality. Hard to believe she went to prison for stabbing someone.

Dee Rod says:

I'm tempted to add a TBS of tomato paste, cooked for a minute

Tebello Khala says:

The way she says, 'risotto' makes me smile

Aleana Goodman says:

I love the way she cooks and her recipes. Thank you Martha!

Dona Harrell says:

No garlic? Or did I miss it?

SomeNiceMovies says:

"three quarters of a tea spoon"

takes three full tea spoons.

Thanks Martha, did you do wrong, or say wrong? how can I know?

John Morin says:

What a fantastic stalk thanks.

Redsgl86 - says:

How long can i freeze and keep them? Thank you

Tito says:

Wow, that turned out beautiful! When I make this, I’m gonna add a few dried shiitake mushrooms to the party.

OoMASEoO says:

Keep for 3 days?! That's it?

QueDiceHarry says:

no heating olive oil please

Joel Zajicek says:

Good basic recipe, but stock is stock. As I cook, I save all the juice from canned corn, mushrooms, the juice from steamed broccoli, or cauliflower, anything that is vegetable, and would normally go down the drain. I keep several pint containers (frozen) to add to any stock that I happen to be making. You DO have to be wary about any additional salt that you add to your stock recipe.

JÖYの貓 says:

She doesn't age does she?

angelasgardening says:

Looks so easy to make…and inexpensive.

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