What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World

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No matter where you’re waking up around the world, a hearty breakfast is the best way to start the day. From sweet treats on the street to elaborate spreads that fill up the table, traditional breakfasts around the world cross the entire spectrum.

Countries like Colombia and Myanmar love to start their day with savory breakfast soups like changua and mohinga noodle soup. In Bulgaria, a flaky and cheesy pastry known as banitsa is a beloved breakfast treat that is also eaten to ring in the new year. Travel around the world with us as we explore what breakfast looks like in 15 different countries.

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What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World


Music Pulse X says:

Literally no one eats halwa puri here in india atleast not for breakfast out of millions of dishes they picked the least favourite one lol

Lily Spencer says:

Where are the hash browns at on the English fry up and who uses hot dog sausages and cherry tomatoes they have to be big tomatoes and normal sausages 😂

Maria Anwaar says:

Just want to point out that in Pakistan it’s not that normal to eat Halwa Puri everyday, I usually have curry or rusks and chai

Guilherme Castro says:

portugal isnt maditerranian its not even close…we have nothing like that dish….

Aarav Gaming channel says:

Imagine skipping countries when the title is “Around the world” smh

Iways says:

Halwa Puri – Are you kidding me? Not even 10% of our population eats that for breakfast l.

Swagata Banerjee says:

India doesn't eat halwa puri as breakfast in every day purpose. It's very hard to generalize a meal in a multicultural country like India. Even if someone has to, either Idli with Sambar & Chutney or Aloo Paratha with Achar & Dahi as a generalized Indian breakfast dish can still be considered. But halwa puri can never be.

Ice Cream says:

Thats extremely wrong, especially in the mediterrenean. The greek breakfast is frappe coffee and cigarretes

Lovers_ Ace says:

I'm heard for homework where yo all at

Kansas Bear says:

I know a few of these and they are not breakfast food… who are the people making this video?

monster says:

2:04 why the map of India distorted!!?

Juan Antonio Moreno says:

Not so many people take eggs for breakfast in Spain, Italy, & France.

Eri A Vesmír says:

Philippines also has a lot of silog (fried rice and egg) meals.

Longsilog (Longganisa, fried rice and egg)
Tapsilog (Tapa, fried rice and egg)
Cornsilog (Cornedbeef, fried rice and egg)
Hotsilog (Hotdog, fried rice and egg)
Bangsilog (Fried milkfish, fried rice and egg)
Hamsilog (Ham, fried rice and egg)

Hakan Aydıngöz says:

oh my god you butchered the name kahvaltı
vay canına kahvaltı ismini hiç söyleyemiyorsun bu çok komik

Anonymous Pi says:

title said food around the world the food's that showed is not all around the globe only some country are shown how about the rest of the country

starstruck 04 says:

what about cereal

Alejandro soto martin says:

Phillipino food: Just add a fried egg to everything you can imagine.

Alejandro soto martin says:

Phillipino food: Just add a fried egg to everything you can imagine.

Alejandro soto martin says:

Phillipino food: Just add a fried egg to everything you can imagine.

Alejandro soto martin says:

Shakshuka, nobody knows that dish in Spain or Portugal but looks delicious anyway.

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