Chef Robert Irvine's Veggie Burger

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Creating your own tasty, healthy, meat-free burger is easier than you think, thanks to Chef Robert Irvine’s unique vegetarian twist on this classic.
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A vegetarian diet—or simply cutting back on red meat—can make you feel like you’re missing out on some of your favorite foods. And let’s be honest: Packaged “meat alternative” products aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Fortunately, Chef Robert Irvine is here to share a quick and easy recipe for a mouth-watering burger with an ingenious meat-free twist.

Combining a variety of high-protein ingredients with meaty beets and a zesty, homemade sauce, Chef Irvine’s recipe is basic yet bursting with flavor. The presence of brown rice is key.

“Vegetarian burgers can be held together by many different things,” explains Chef Irvine. “In this recipe, the moisture in the cooked brown rice helps hold everything together.”

Serve it without the sauce for a completely vegan meal, or omit the bun to stay gluten-free.

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Comments says:

Get Chef Robert Irvine's Veggie Burger Recipe ►
Chef Robert Irvine's Fit Crunch Bars ►
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Dhruv Garg says:

He looks like jay pritchett but a million times healthier. The resemblance is sooooooo uncanny.

Pooja Singh says:

use potatoes for binding

SD says:

Veggie burgers arw good way to get rid of leftovers.

I was able to take chick peas, stale italian bread, guacamole, and mushrooms and throw together something edible…

mwamaarkhh1 says:

wow that was a genius making the beet become the basic color of the veggie patty

vinyl maverick says:

Love the simplicity of the ingredients and instructions but as an Englishman I HATE English born and bred attempting to Americanize themselves through pronunciation or actions.

Black Cat Moto says:

Task force 141 cook

Alex Key says:

looks nice bro! def ill give it a try! and comes without all that contaminated modified starch from so called vegan burgers!

name change says:

Rice and Beans, Soy and Zinc. Refined collagen from Sea Weed. Im glad you got fat and happy, my metabolism is a different beast my friend… I ran out of time, and was withered to the verge of death.💪🦍🤘 ~ Cue self-digesting amino acid metabolites…

TheFringe says:

Hot peppers help block fat absorption.

Koyas Uddin says:

This guy is probably the most professional person on the online bodybuilding community.

James Tom says:

Shmick !! I can taste it down here

kaydenpat says:

I used to love Chef Irvine's Food Channel shows. His food always looked mouthwateringly delicious. Got to try out this recipe because I know he can throw down in the kitchen.

How much corn and dill are you using in this recipe? The amounts of those ingredients are not outlined in the recipe.

Elephant In The Room says:

Why not make junk food, trash food like your trash tv show?

ariel rod says:

Can we mash the veggies

R&C L.A.R says:

I'm not vegetarian, but I like veggie burgers but shop bought ones aren't that healthy, but this looks amazing, and is definitely healthy.

MsCrystalDT says:

Nice video! The burger looks delicious!
This has nothing to do with the video, but for those who feel alone, know that God loves you! People of the world are sad, because they have lost hope! God is there through it all! Trust Him! One God! God bless! -Christian Life!

Pedrator75 says:

jajajajaj Burgtremanabol with tomatoes and fries chips ??? When ???

PD: Salu2 !!!

Mehul Vaghela says:

Robert mona kaha he 😅😅 by the way love from india 😍 i do follow your videos

Leon Grimaldi says:

the Irvine's Veggie Burger Recipe link dont work. pls update 🙂

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