Cook A British Christmas Dinner With Me!!! *Vegetarian* (VLOGMAS 20)

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Lisa McIntyre says:

We have stuffing(several different kinds depending on what part of the county you are from. I’m from the Deep South Alabama.) but we don’t make them into balls.

SniKenna says:

in America, stuffing is one of our Thanksgiving staples. I personally don't like it but it's definitely a thing. 😸 I love your cooking videos! happy holidays!

willow Eley says:

Sorry but I've gotta say this, its only because I'm a chef.
1) The spuds aren't good to eat when they start to sprout sorry
2) never use cold oil on hot potatoes. It will just suck the oil into spuds
3) yorkies equal amounts of eggs milk flour NO WATER . Measuring cups ½ a cup will make 6 yorkies
Place ½ cup flour plain, ½ eggs, start to whisk you want a lump free thick paste, then drizzle in milk, lump free batter

Welshwander Jason Patrick says:

Yorkshire puds ther go nice with Christmas dinner good cooking

Mhari Rhona says:

Ellie try the plant chef Tesco frozen sausage rolls best vegi sausage rolls I’ve tried x

Crowned Lily says:

Well now I want brussel spouts. I cut mine in half, roast them then toss them in homemade honey mustard. So good… but I'm currently low on mustard.. 🙁
Interesting that you par-boil your potatoes before roasting them. I normally just wash mine, cut them up (I don't peel mine, I eat the skin) drizzle on some olive oil. sprinkle on some salt, pepper, garlic and onions powder and pop them in the oven till soft then I place under the broiler for a couple mins to crisp them up all golden brown.
Americans eat stuffing. For our Thanksgiving dinner I hunted down a box of gluten free stuffing, because I can't have Thanksgiving without stuffing! (And gluten is NOT my friend)

StankySquankshee says:

I came from a comment on the Chocolate rain channel that you posted 10 years ago hahahaha.

Claudia Moreno says:

Do you guys have Pepsi Blue in England? Serious question

Miriana Albrizio says:

Hey. This is really funny! You most definitely should put out more vlogs! You should really connect with Bad Friends!

You should totally check their YT out and give the group a like! 👉 #BadFriendsVids

XOXO says:

Yaaaaay that roast looks lush! Now I know what a roast is and what it contains lmao 😜 greetings from the netherlands 🇳🇱 💕

Sammie J says:

Spoiling us this Christmas Eve Ellie! Just finished your previous video and I hope you have a wonderful day today, despite it not being the typical Christmas you had hoped for I wish you the most happiest and joyful day you deserve it I truly hope you spend it smiling with Adam!!Sending love ❤️

Amelia Hart says:

i love the idea of the christmas mukbang, with so many people alone at christmas this year it’s almost like eating christmas dinner with someone xxx

Melissa ♥ says:

Gravy the proper way! Can't stop staring at your eyeshadow, beautiful! Merry Christmas, hope you have a good one

Eve beinguniquebeingme says:

Love your festive make up have a lovely Christmas together we're veggie too having Quorn roast tomorrow 👏🙌💖🎄

CC CC says:

My Christmas Is horrible but thanks. The food looks really good

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