Healing miso soup | Easy vegan cooking

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Miso soup is certainly one of the most healing soups on the universe. This video shows you how to make wholesome, delicious vegan miso soup that preserves all the goodness.

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Vegan Raw Recipes says:

Wow amazing

someone normal, like you says:

hmm can u add psychedelic mushrooms as well ? :))))))))))

luz goncena says:

Why don't you clean your pot? Mix bleach and water and leave it overnight, in the morning you may throw out the mixture and clean your pot with soap and water.

Endah L. Puri says:

Your voice is soothing.

Ah Long says:

I am planning to do this for my meal prep. How long will the miso soup last in refrigerator?

Pooja kaur says:

How long did it take for the tofu to cook?

Tony Wynn says:

Wow. I love miso soup

Mimi says:

Did you wash the vegetable ?

rus 888 says:

Is the miso paste keto friendly still please? I am not overly strict now though… i truely miss miso soup

jezriggs says:

Made a version of this yesterday – added some broccoli and very thinly sliced carrots (just a few pieces) and it was so soothing and delicious. Thanks, Fan!

LS Wong says:

Miso cause hypertension if drank everyday

Olgkkzggp says:

I got the same kombu but it says on the back not to eat it? I got so excited since you also suggested other ways to eat it, help?😩

Ilovefitness25 says:

To be honest this is making me wish that I had an Asian grocery store nearby because some of the ingredients look like they're hard to find.

elaine braindrain says:

how many carbs per cup?

Maja Ristic says:

I think you forgot sping onions😀

Pattiecakes 1 says:

Great video. I live in California, Bay Area and have no clue where to buy miso paste.

Mr. Helper says:

Looks yummy … think I will make some tomorrow … going to add some bamboo shoots

Green Squall says:

Forgot the bonito flakes.

Judy's Bakery and Test Kitchen says:

Making your tofu tomato soup this week!

And yes, I say tomato with a British accent for this recipe! 🙂

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