Gnocchi with Asparagus & Edamame Vegetarian Power Plate

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Shop here for the recipe book. Family New Vegetarian Comfort food to Nourish Every Day:

Try this beautiful veggie dish from the cookbook above. There is a vegetarian and vegan option, as well. Comforting Gnocchi, with charred asparagus and edamame. Top with lemon juice, chives and parmesan shavings. Delicious and Nutritious!


Ronda says:

Somehow we missed this video until yesterday. This looks yummy! I'm going to have to try this one. Not a fan of asparagus. Wish I could learn to love it!

Mike GrabaSandwich says:

Looks really good Kathy! Thanks for sharing!

Violet says:

Hey, Kathy! Made this for dinner last night. It was absolutely delicious! Don't tell Rick, but I added bacon instead of the cheese. Leftovers today were just as tasty. Definitely a repeat in the future! Thanks for sharing!!!

Cookingwith Rick says:

Looks Healthy and delicious Kathy.

Fab4Gal says:

Did you have any for leftovers? I'm asking because I bet it would be good just eating it cold….

Robin Reitmeyer says:

I think I say this every time but this looks really good and healthy! Thank you for sharing!

Pat G says:

looks great !!

Kelly McAllister says:

Yum, I just bought some asparagus last night 🙂 I'll have to try this. <3

Greg M says:

Looks good!

ve m says:

That is one healthy looking dish. Love asparagus. Yum.

scotty thompson says:

was the food good kathy

Karen Henderson says:

You don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy it. 🙂 That looks AWESOME!!! I think I would do just one thing different though……….I would saute fresh mushrooms with the asparagus. I think that would be a great touch. 🙂 Thanks for the video Kathy!!

Di McLeod says:

Yummy! Finding some gluten free gnocchi! Thanks for sharing!

Mama Llama Razzle Dazzle says:

Looks so tasty and healthy! Yum! Thanks for this video. Looking forward to more!

Pattymac Makes says:

I absolutely LOVE this one Kathy!! YUMMEE!!! We have Wegman's opening here in April, and I soooooo excited about it. Thanks for sharing. 🥦🥦

Lindsay L says:

Do you have a video of how you make your vegetable broth? How about bone broth? If not, would you consider making one?

Major Havok says:

Love the vegetarian recipes you put out for us! Makes up for all the meat Rick loves to make 🤪! You both are awesome and have great recipes! ❤️

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

Looks delicious, I love gnocchi and I love the ingredients you used

Fab4Gal says:

I'm not trying to be super picky Kathy but I guess it's simply because I'm Italian and when I hear someone slightly mispronounce my favourite Italian dish I just want to gently tell them how it's actually said….it's neyaw-kee…great video by the way! Where do you two put all of this food? I think you should start mailing it to your viewers…lol

Debbie Ashton says:

Ummmmmm looks great! I was way too tired to cook tonight after work so ordered pizza. Wish I was at your house, lol.

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