How to cook Spelt Risotto & Red Wine Shallots – Vegetarian Recipe by Ben Donath

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Vegetarian Recipe – this German and French inspired spelt risotto recipe features classics and flavors of both countries. This recipe and more inspiration on Eatery Berlin:

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Spelt Risotto, Harzer Cheese & Red Wine Shallots

When you think of risotto, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Rice, Parmesan cheese or maybe Italy. Exactly, that’s what I would think too, but why not interpret risotto in a completely different way? That’s what I wanted to do with this recipe and so I actually only left the basic principles of the classic risotto. A risotto can also be made from cereals like buckwheat, barley or even spelt. Sure, we no longer speak of a risotto made from round grain rice, but why not? Spelt has a completely different taste even if you cook it like risotto.

Spelt Risotto with French Red Wine

The classic advocates of risotto will now surely fold their arms over their heads, because in this recipe I prepare my spelt risotto with French red wine and not with white wine. I simply found that a red rather meets the characteristics of the spelt grain than a white wine. If you are skeptical now, you should definitely try it. I also like it when some ingredients of a recipe meet again. For example, I would like to serve red wine shallots with it, which also goes into French cuisine. Now we have the grainy spelt risotto with a somewhat rustic taste and, as a contrast, the delicate sweetness and acidity of the shallots cooked in red wine.

Harzer Cheese – Hand Cheese with Music

Harzer Cheese is a sour milk cheese made from curd cheese and can be found especially in the Hessian region here in Germany under the name hand cheese with music. Harzer Cheese has a very spicy taste and because of its smell it may not necessarily find lovers at all tables. The hand cheese with music is classically marinated in vinegar, oil and onions and then enjoyed as an appetizer, especially in wine regions. I tasted Harzer cheese there for the first time over 20 years ago in this variant and was very surprised how well I liked its taste. Today I only want to use the Harzer cheese and its seasoning and replace the Parmesan cheese in my risotto with it. I can really only recommend to cook this recipe, because the seasoning of the Harzer cheese gives this differently interpreted risotto recipe a completely new taste. Together with the grainy spelt risotto and the delicate red wine shallots, this risotto recipe is once again proof of how freedom in the kitchen can and should create its own interpretations.


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